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213 Individuals with the QUINANE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
QUINANE, Agnes AnnieABT 1889
QUINANE, Andrew GregoryABT 1972
QUINANE, Ann18304 SEP 1901
QUINANE, Anne23 JUL 186415 AUG 1913
QUINANE, Anne1885
QUINANE, Anne30 MAR 1958
QUINANE, Anne13 APR 1938
QUINANE, Anne Marie8 DEC 1950
QUINANE, Annie Theresa4 APR 18969 APR 1992
QUINANE, Annie Veronica188713 SEP 1969
QUINANE, Antony1846
QUINANE, Barrie John1 APR 1943
QUINANE, Brian1971
QUINANE, Bridget1 JAN 1905
QUINANE, Bridget1836
QUINANE, Caitlin Jane12 DEC 1995
QUINANE, Cammillus Jospehine21 JUN 189518 APR 1972
QUINANE, Catherine186417 JUN 1868
QUINANE, Catherine1970
QUINANE, Catherine1833
QUINANE, Catherine1840
QUINANE, Catherine18843 JAN 1898
QUINANE, Catherine (Queenie)18941899
QUINANE, Catherine Anne30 JUN 1962
QUINANE, Catherine Ellen19072 FEB 1977
QUINANE, Catherine Mary17 FEB 1954
QUINANE, Christopher John13 APR 1974
QUINANE, Colleen
QUINANE, Connor1837
QUINANE, ConnorABT 1795
QUINANE, Cornelius5 NOV 185810 JAN 1946
QUINANE, Cornelius19004 SEP 1979
QUINANE, Cornelius Anthony16 APR 1922
QUINANE, Cornelius Anthony29 SEP 1952
QUINANE, Daniel23 SEP 1866
QUINANE, Daniel189224 AUG 1976
QUINANE, Daniel182527 OCT 1903
QUINANE, Daniel1862
QUINANE, Daniel19035 APR 1949
QUINANE, Daniel James18871960
QUINANE, Daniel WilliamAPR 188723 SEP 1887
QUINANE, Darby1815JUN 1880
QUINANE, Darby1845
QUINANE, DarbyABT 1813
QUINANE, DarbyABT 1809
QUINANE, Darby170612 APR 1775
QUINANE, Darren1966
QUINANE, David1969
QUINANE, David John6 SEP 1954
QUINANE, Dennis Francis18768 AUG 1912
QUINANE, Dorothea Mabel1 APR 1902
QUINANE, EdmundABT 1807
QUINANE, EdmundABT 1812
QUINANE, Eileen1902
QUINANE, Eileen1919
QUINANE, ElizabethABT 18956 MAY 1977
QUINANE, Elizabeth Agnes18961950
QUINANE, Elizabeth Kathryn8 SEP 1950
QUINANE, Ellen19 AUG 18746 OCT 1957
QUINANE, Ellen15 AUG 18671946
QUINANE, Erin Maree6 MAR 1983
QUINANE, Esther1898
QUINANE, Frank2 NOV 1937
QUINANE, Frederick Douglas6 JAN 1921
QUINANE, Gerald Michael15 JUN 192715 JUN 1927
QUINANE, Geraldine Carmel15 JAN 1982
QUINANE, Gertrude Mary9 SEP 189623 FEB 1968
QUINANE, Hannah20 MAY 1861
QUINANE, Honora18506 JUL 1852
QUINANE, Honora18891904
QUINANE, Honora1840
QUINANE, Honora1879
QUINANE, HonoraABT 1825
QUINANE, Honora Mary20 MAY 18601936
QUINANE, Irene1898
QUINANE, James181314 SEP 1826
QUINANE, James Patrick7 JUN 1934
QUINANE, James William189829 JUL 1943
QUINANE, Jane18901965
QUINANE, Janine Marie31 OCT 1957
QUINANE, Jeremiah18459 JUN 1931
QUINANE, Jeremiah1865
QUINANE, JeremiahABT 1823
QUINANE, JeremiahABT 1812
QUINANE, Jeremiah Francis19 JUL 1912
QUINANE, Joan Mary20 MAY 1943
QUINANE, Joan Patricia14 NOV 1919
QUINANE, JohannaABT 1852BEF 1854
QUINANE, Johanna183127 MAY 1906
QUINANE, Johanna1852
QUINANE, John188819 JUN 1918
QUINANE, JohnABT 181330 JUL 1895
QUINANE, John Alexander31 MAR 1960
QUINANE, John Daniel1 FEB 1918
QUINANE, John Frederick4 AUG 1964
QUINANE, John Joseph189731 JUL 1979
QUINANE, John Patrick9 DEC 186011 FEB 1912
QUINANE, Joseph Phillip11 OCT 1908
QUINANE, Josephine190213 OCT 1995
QUINANE, Judith1849
QUINANE, Judy1840
QUINANE, Judy1835
QUINANE, Julia Helen18921897
QUINANE, Kathleen4 JUL 18914 MAY 1975
QUINANE, Kathleen EileenABT 18881958
QUINANE, Kathleen Elizabeth20 FEB 19522 AUG 1952
QUINANE, Kathleen EsterABT 1906
QUINANE, Kathleen Gertrude16 MAY 189720 SEP 1980
QUINANE, Kiera Loren Natasha8 OCT 1983
QUINANE, Kristen1975
QUINANE, Leo William8 AUG 1914
QUINANE, Lewis29 NOV 1876
QUINANE, Luke1981
QUINANE, Luke Nathan9 APR 1981
QUINANE, Marcia Annette16 MAR 1952
QUINANE, Margaret188620 NOV 1944
QUINANE, Margaret1836
QUINANE, Margaret1846
QUINANE, Margaret178919 FEB 1849
QUINANE, Marie Bridget Aka Mollie19085 MAR 1977
QUINANE, Mark5 AUG 1950
QUINANE, Mary23 APR 187029 APR 1870
QUINANE, Mary1882
QUINANE, Mary18915 AUG 1913
QUINANE, Mary5 JUN 1920
QUINANE, Mary1 AUG 185825 MAR 1925
QUINANE, Mary18811953
QUINANE, Mary1934
QUINANE, Mary18401869
QUINANE, Mary18366 AUG 1898
QUINANE, Mary1849
QUINANE, Mary1877
QUINANE, Mary1816
QUINANE, Mary179130 DEC 1873
QUINANE, Mary Agnes12 MAY 190922 JUL 1909
QUINANE, Mary Catherine23 MAY 1930
QUINANE, Mary Ellen189225 JUL 1952
QUINANE, Mary Gerte1902
QUINANE, Mary MargaretABT 187817 NOV 1937
QUINANE, Mary Victoria16 JUL 1914
QUINANE, Michael9 JAN 185715 MAY 1902
QUINANE, Michael179716 OCT 1847
QUINANE, Michael18472 SEP 1919
QUINANE, Michael26 AUG 188219 FEB 1892
QUINANE, MichaelABT 1816
QUINANE, MichaelABT 1819
QUINANE, MichaelABT 1845
QUINANE, Michael Alexander1973
QUINANE, Michael Francis?ABT 186821 JUN 1928
QUINANE, Michael Joseph189210 JAN 1953
QUINANE, Michelle1969
QUINANE, Nancy184629 SEP 1852
QUINANE, Nicholas1973
QUINANE, Noeline Margaret18 JAN 1945
QUINANE, Norah18961946
QUINANE, Patrick182117 NOV 1887
QUINANE, PatrickABT 188031 AUG 1891
QUINANE, Patrick10 NOV 18931984
QUINANE, Patrick17 MAR 1984
QUINANE, Patrick1835
QUINANE, Patrick183831 OCT 1917
QUINANE, Patrick177725 DEC 1823
QUINANE, Patrick Francis22 JAN 1944
QUINANE, Patrick John10 JUN 187128 OCT 1928
QUINANE, Patrick Joseph6 JAN 189423 JUN 1967
QUINANE, Patrick Joseph3 OCT 185416 DEC 1937
QUINANE, Patrick JosephABT 1801
QUINANE, Patrick Joseph19075 AUG 1975
QUINANE, Paul1971
QUINANE, Paul Francis5 OCT 1966
QUINANE, Paul Gerard9 OCT 195813 FEB 1986
QUINANE, Peter19 OCT 1856
QUINANE, Peter2 OCT 1946
QUINANE, Peter16 AUG 186215 AUG 1911
QUINANE, Peter1838
QUINANE, Peter174820 APR 1809
QUINANE, PeterAFT 1900
QUINANE, PeterABT 1826
QUINANE, Peter Alphonsus188318 JUL 1965
QUINANE, Peter Joseph19 JAN 189325 NOV 1966
QUINANE, Phillip1852
QUINANE, Phillip188623 MAR 1919
QUINANE, Phillip Michael26 JAN 1922
QUINANE, Rebecca1974
QUINANE, Shirley Maria8 FEB 1930
QUINANE, Simon1972
QUINANE, SimonABT 1814
QUINANE, Simon1842
QUINANE, Simon17453 JAN 1814
QUINANE, Terence Joseph9 MAY 1941
QUINANE, TeresaAUG 19072 DEC 1907
QUINANE, Teresa MaryABT 18884 OCT 1967
QUINANE, TerryABT 1805
QUINANE, Terry Michael5 JAN 1957
QUINANE, Tracey1968
QUINANE, Troy1978
QUINANE, Veronica1895
QUINANE, VeronicaAUG 19071908
QUINANE, Veronica Margaret16 SEP 1933
QUINANE, William John1 AUG 1929
QUINANE, William John10 OCT 1953
QUINANE, Winnifred1843
QUINANE, Yvonne20 JAN 1925

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