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129 Individuals with the QUIMBY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
QUIMBY, "Linda" Frances
QUIMBY, *unknown*
QUIMBY, Aaron30 Dec 1702
QUIMBY, Abraham Greenleaf25 Sep 1822
QUIMBY, AgnesAbt 1817
QUIMBY, Albert18321864
QUIMBY, Andrew Jackson8 Jul 1827
QUIMBY, Ann1813
QUIMBY, AnnaABT 1708
QUIMBY, Aurelia1823
QUIMBY, Baby3 Apr 169918 Apr 1699
QUIMBY, Beryl Anice3 DEC 1931
QUIMBY, Betsey
QUIMBY, CharlesABT 1655BEF 1705
QUIMBY, Charles8 JUL 1828
QUIMBY, Daniel14 Mar 1709
QUIMBY, Daniel1826
QUIMBY, DavidABT 1670
QUIMBY, David G.
QUIMBY, Deborah2 Apr 1659
QUIMBY, Dorcas9 Nov 1690
QUIMBY, Dorcas9 SEP 1619
QUIMBY, Elijah Dix25 Apr 1834
QUIMBY, ElisabethABT 1664
QUIMBY, Eliza Douglas9 SEP 1690
QUIMBY, Eliza Douglas9 SEP 1690
QUIMBY, Ephraim5 May 179211 Aug 1852
QUIMBY, Ephraim7 Apr 17001767
QUIMBY, EphraimBETWEEN 1790 AND 180
QUIMBY, Eunice Peace12 JUL 182529 JUN 1868
QUIMBY, Eunice Pease12 Jul 182530 Jun 1868
QUIMBY, Franklin
QUIMBY, Frederick
QUIMBY, George "Pudge"
QUIMBY, Geraldine Helen
QUIMBY, Gladys Winifred23 JUL 1904SEP 1990
QUIMBY, Gladys Winifred23 JUL 1904SEP 1990
QUIMBY, Hepseba Cass
QUIMBY, Horace1822
QUIMBY, Hosea S.MAY 184220 SEP 1907
QUIMBY, Howard Ladd16 Nov 1889
QUIMBY, Irving
QUIMBY, Irving Edward4 FEB 1935
QUIMBY, Irving W.
QUIMBY, Isaac G.
QUIMBY, Isaiah11 Jun 1716
QUIMBY, Jacob12 Feb 179912 Feb 1876
QUIMBY, Jacob1829
QUIMBY, JamesBef 7 SEP 179312 MAY 1854
QUIMBY, James18 Apr 1695
QUIMBY, Janec. 1817
QUIMBY, Joan Louise18 OCT 1930
QUIMBY, John1651
QUIMBY, John765*11
QUIMBY, Johnson2 OCT 1815
QUIMBY, Jonathan1765BET 1810 AND 1820
QUIMBY, Jonathan12 FEB 1740/1741Aft 1776
QUIMBY, Jonathan12 JUN 1704
QUIMBY, Jonathan18 Apr 1695
QUIMBY, Joseph A.BEF 1981
QUIMBY, Joseph Philip
QUIMBY, Joseph Philip
QUIMBY, Josiah16631728
QUIMBY, Josiah31 May 1692
QUIMBY, Josiah1663
QUIMBY, Leaner6 JUN 187226 SEP 1916
QUIMBY, Lewis3 JAN 1830
QUIMBY, Linda Frances
QUIMBY, Lydia22 MAY 1658
QUIMBY, Manley18321834
QUIMBY, Martha14 Apr 1706
QUIMBY, Martha A.Abt 1849
QUIMBY, MaryABT 1666
QUIMBY, Mary1798
QUIMBY, Matilda20 APR 1812
QUIMBY, Mehitable1796
QUIMBY, Mercy (Dolly)18 Jun 179926 Oct 1850
QUIMBY, Milton
QUIMBY, Milton
QUIMBY, Miriam Eliza1830
QUIMBY, Moses12 Jan 17041767
QUIMBY, Mrs. Thomas1563
QUIMBY, Mrs. Thomas1583
QUIMBY, Neil MoodyBEF 1981
QUIMBY, Phebe3 May 1711
QUIMBY, Phillip
QUIMBY, Phillip
QUIMBY, Phyllis
QUIMBY, Ralph Wardwell9 NOV 1873Aft 1954
QUIMBY, Rhoda1768
QUIMBY, Rhoda I.27 JUL 1810
QUIMBY, RichardAbt 1973
QUIMBY, Richard B.25 JUL 19133 DEC 1980
QUIMBY, Richard Franklin9 MAY 19128 MAR 1992
QUIMBY, Robert
QUIMBY, RobertABT 1625
QUIMBY, Robert23 MAR 16237 JUL 1677
QUIMBY, Robert
QUIMBY, Ruth Elizabeth22 Nov 1881
QUIMBY, Sally (Sarah ) H181726 Jan 1866
QUIMBY, Samuel175610 Sep 1840
QUIMBY, Samuel2 Jul 16791699
QUIMBY, Samuel1791
QUIMBY, Sarah10 DEC 1820
QUIMBY, Sumner Ferdinand (Dr.)12 Apr 185210 Jul 1914
QUIMBY, ThomasABT 1629
QUIMBY, Thomas1558
QUIMBY, Thomas1579
QUIMBY, Thomas1 Feb 179919 Jan 1885
QUIMBY, Tirzah J.12 SEP 181504 MAR 1886
QUIMBY, Warren B.BEF 1981
QUIMBY, William
QUIMBY, William1600AFT 1665
QUIMBY, William1606
QUIMBY, William
QUIMBY, _____
QUIMBY, _____

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