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42 Individuals with the QUILHOT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
QUILHOT, Anne J.ABT 1869ABT 1969
QUILHOT, Anne Jane19 OCT 1872
QUILHOT, Ardalisa1 JAN 1839
QUILHOT, Austin10 MAR 18271828
QUILHOT, Catherine2 JAN 18091 JUN 1866
QUILHOT, Catherine15 SEP 18811931
QUILHOT, Catherine23 SEP 18101813
QUILHOT, Catherine29 NOV 18124 MAR 1813
QUILHOT, Charles LewisSEP 18531878
QUILHOT, Edward30 JAN 18601936
QUILHOT, Elizabeth26 JUL 181115 NOV 1878
QUILHOT, Elsey A.ABT 1808
QUILHOT, Georgianna26 OCT 1885
QUILHOT, Henry J.21 JUL 181122 OCT 1814
QUILHOT, James H.3 FEB 1814
QUILHOT, James Hart25 FEB 1837
QUILHOT, James Henry30 AUG 1884OCT 1932
QUILHOT, James Montgomery14 JUL 18231865
QUILHOT, James S.17861813
QUILHOT, Jane1795
QUILHOT, Jane1793BEF 1887
QUILHOT, John17 NOV 17827 NOV 1827
QUILHOT, John17271815
QUILHOT, John8 NOV 181829 AUG 1832
QUILHOT, John Henry12 JUL 1856
QUILHOT, John Henry27 JAN 182125 DEC 1893
QUILHOT, Joseph17841810
QUILHOT, Joseph26 MAR 180622 MAR 1831
QUILHOT, Julie Ann28 OCT 18309 SEP 1893
QUILHOT, Margaret23 FEB 181911 NOV 1835
QUILHOT, MariaABT 1824
QUILHOT, Maria E.17 FEB 18161883
QUILHOT, Mary ElizabethOCT 18501929
QUILHOT, Mary Elizabeth16 MAY 182524 AUG 1861
QUILHOT, Patience A.1853
QUILHOT, Stephan22 APR 18171 OCT 1838
QUILHOT, Stephen28 SEP 182028 SEP 1822
QUILHOT, Stephen S.22 JAN 17581796
QUILHOT, Stephen S.27 MAY 179225 MAY 1854
QUILHOT, Susanna7 FEB 18141914
QUILHOT, William Sherman30 APR 182716 APR 1830

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