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46 Individuals with the QUEMENEUR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
QUEMENEUR, Antoine2 Feb 1711
QUEMENEUR, Antoine18 Jul 1772
QUEMENEUR, FrancoisAug 1702
QUEMENEUR, FrancoisABT. 1672AUG 1728
QUEMENEUR, Francois14 Mar 1719
QUEMENEUR, FrancoisAbout 166422 Aug 1728
QUEMENEUR, Francois1672AUG 1728
QUEMENEUR, Genevieve7 Aug 170127 Aug 1701
QUEMENEUR, Herve dit Laflame
QUEMENEUR, Herve Dit Laflame
QUEMENEUR, Jean Baptiste30 AUG 1731
QUEMENEUR, Jean Baptiste28 DEC 1703NOV 1767
QUEMENEUR, Jean Baptiste28 DEC 1703NOV 1767
QUEMENEUR, Jean Baptiste30 AUG 1731
QUEMENEUR, Jean-Baptiste30 Aug 1731
QUEMENEUR, Jean-Baptiste24 Feb 1761
QUEMENEUR, Jean-Baptiste1 Aug 1769
QUEMENEUR, Jean-Baptiste28 Dec 1703
QUEMENEUR, Joseph5 Apr 1706
QUEMENEUR, Louis15 Aug 1724
QUEMENEUR, Madeleine2 Feb 1755
QUEMENEUR, Marguerite1 Sep 1727
QUEMENEUR, MargueriteWFT Est. 1785-1822WFT Est. 1817-1907
QUEMENEUR, Marie9 Dec 1708
QUEMENEUR, Marie Rose dit Laflame7 AUG 1757
QUEMENEUR, Marie Rose Dit Laflame7 AUG 1757
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Angelique21 Jul 1774
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Anne26 Aug 1729
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Francoise7 Feb 1767
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Genevieve27 Nov 1721
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Louise11 Feb 1725
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Madeleine9 Dec 1755
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Rose7 Aug 1757
QUEMENEUR, Marie-Victoire2 Dec 1759
QUEMENEUR, Pierre8 May 1716
QUEMENEUR, Pierre-Noel18 Oct 1764
QUEMENEUR, Therese19 May 1713
QUEMENEUR, Therese Dit Laflamme
QUEMENEUR, Therese dit Laflamme
QUEMENEUR, Zacharie ?

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