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26 Individuals with the QUEAL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
QUEAL, Adelia12 SEP 182921 FEB 1919
QUEAL, Anna17 JUL 17987 MAR 1880
QUEAL, Dorr24 JUL 183624 APR 1850
QUEAL, DorrJUL 1865
QUEAL, George9 DEC 183229 MAR 1856
QUEAL, George18271828
QUEAL, HannibalABT FEB 18203 MAY 1890
QUEAL, Henry18241825
QUEAL, Henry M.29 MAR 1863
QUEAL, Henry Mitchel27 SEP 180114 JUL 1886
QUEAL, IsabelleDEC 1850
QUEAL, James178712 JAN 1853
QUEAL, Jane9 JUN 182727 NOV 1892
QUEAL, John17939 JUN 1865
QUEAL, Kate1 APR 18611937
QUEAL, Laurence
QUEAL, Margaret179122 APR 1878
QUEAL, Mary178324 SEP 1850
QUEAL, Michael175929 MAY 1834
QUEAL, Michael1785
QUEAL, Nellie19 OCT 18588 SEP 1889
QUEAL, Reuben13 OCT 182529 DEC 1902
QUEAL, Robert
QUEAL, Ronald
QUEAL, Sonny31 MAR 183514 JUN 1835
QUEAL, William178922 APR 1864

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