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271 Individuals with the QUAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
QUAY, Albert05 JAN 182404 JUL 1867
QUAY, Albert B.Jun-187128 OCT 1918
QUAY, Alfred
QUAY, AlvaMay-18682 MAY 1903
QUAY, Alvah C.4 DEC 19088 DEC 1908
QUAY, Alvinza10 FEB 185310 MAY 1926
QUAY, Andre
QUAY, Anna Elizabeth BarbaraMar-1876
QUAY, Arthur C10 MAY 188513 MAR 1974
QUAY, Audrey L.1933
QUAY, Barbara
QUAY, Beatrice1987
QUAY, Beatrice Neville17 DEC 190201 APR 1988
QUAY, Bertha187930 NOV 1895
QUAY, Bessie30 AUG 1910
QUAY, Betty
QUAY, Beverley May1935
QUAY, Bonnie
QUAY, Bonnie
QUAY, Bradley
QUAY, Brenda
QUAY, Brian Scott1966
QUAY, Burton
QUAY, Carol
QUAY, Carrie2 AUG 18754 OCT 1928
QUAY, Carrie5 JAN 18621 DEC 1946
QUAY, Carrie
QUAY, Carrie May12 AUG 1907
QUAY, Charles Miner9 JUN 184411 AUG 1884
QUAY, Chester25 AUG 19096 MAR 1994
QUAY, Christina E.
QUAY, Clarence27 JUL 187315 JAN 1944
QUAY, ClaudeApr-1890
QUAY, Clifford20 JUL 187921 NOV 1900
QUAY, Clifford Hanes28 APR 190910 SEP 1972
QUAY, Cora EmilyMarch 18922 NOV 1918
QUAY, Corey
QUAY, Cynthia
QUAY, Daniel20 FEB 181330 APR 1855
QUAY, Daniel
QUAY, Daniel S.Abt Mar-18463 JAN 1913
QUAY, Daniel Scott06-01-1990
QUAY, Daniel Webster06 AUG 185822 JAN 1937
QUAY, Daniel Webster
QUAY, Darwyn
QUAY, Darwyn
QUAY, David14 FEB 1816
QUAY, David
QUAY, Deborah Ann21 AUG 1952
QUAY, Deborah Ann21 AUG 1952
QUAY, Donald
QUAY, Donald C
QUAY, Donna
QUAY, Dora
QUAY, Doris Neville12 DEC 1901
QUAY, Dorothy12 SEP 1895
QUAY, Dorothy
QUAY, Dorothy E
QUAY, EdithFeb-188211 MAR 1976
QUAY, Edna Mae5 OCT 1894
QUAY, Edward
QUAY, Edward18791882
QUAY, EdwardDec-190331 JUL 1911
QUAY, Eldon E.19 MAR 1890Oct-1969
QUAY, Eleanor
QUAY, Eleanor
QUAY, Eli GeorgeAbt Sep-18461920
QUAY, Eli GeorgeAbt May-187108 FEB 1925
QUAY, Elizabeth
QUAY, Elizabeth12 DEC 1802Abt Mar-1881
QUAY, Elizabeth Ellen1 APR 185017 FEB 1937
QUAY, Elmer10 DEC 186117 DEC 1943
QUAY, Elsie191420 MAR 1995
QUAY, Emeline184919 DEC 1899
QUAY, Emma DellaMAR 18741963
QUAY, Emma DellaMAR 18741963
QUAY, Ernest Bersley27 AUG 18811 SEP 1969
QUAY, Estes B.17 AUG 18874 JAN 1904
QUAY, Ethel24 NOV 189115 SEP 1975
QUAY, Eunice3 JUN 1900
QUAY, Eva Maria6 JUN 189728 OCT 1918
QUAY, EvelynAbt Sep-187318 OCT 1930
QUAY, Evert
QUAY, Flora1869
QUAY, Florence Helen31 DEC 189920 NOV 1977
QUAY, Ford12 SEP 1895Jan-1970
QUAY, FrancoiseABT 1825
QUAY, Frank24 FEB 18823 APR 1918
QUAY, Frank12 AUG 188531 MAY 1935
QUAY, Frank22 JUN 187214 JUL 1952
QUAY, Frederick A1852
QUAY, George Albert01 SEP 181921 OCT 1865
QUAY, George AlbertAbt Jul-186519 DEC 1938
QUAY, George D.Sep-1899
QUAY, George H.Abt Feb-184017 JUN 1916
QUAY, George Hanes26 AUG 188315 MAY 1957
QUAY, Gladys
QUAY, Gladys Marie18 JUN 190421 MAY 1972
QUAY, Glenn Alton08 AUG 188814 MAY 1956
QUAY, Grace EvelynDec 187028 OCT 1918
QUAY, H. Edward
QUAY, Harley17 MAR 1887
QUAY, Harold
QUAY, Harold22 JUN 190703-09-1976
QUAY, Harold L19 NOV 190424 OCT 1992
QUAY, Harriet A183929 NOV 1890
QUAY, Hattie PAbt 1872
QUAY, HazelJan-1897
QUAY, Heidi
QUAY, Helen
QUAY, Helen E.4 SEP 19321994
QUAY, Herbert3 MAR 191212 APR 1994
QUAY, Herman26 JAN 185425 SEP 1916
QUAY, Herman Earl05 AUG 190113 JUL 1932
QUAY, Herschel13 FEB 191730 MAR 1917
QUAY, Herschel Walter19131975
QUAY, Hester192426 DEC 1924
QUAY, Hilda
QUAY, HiramFeb-1880
QUAY, Homer189308 SEP 1894
QUAY, Howard Rufus3 APR 1906Sep-1994
QUAY, Ida D18691874
QUAY, Ira L.16 APR 18472 DEC 1895
QUAY, Irvan LloydAbt 190329 OCT 1918
QUAY, Irving18 JAN 186307 SEP 1926
QUAY, Isadora18606 JUL 1898
QUAY, James
QUAY, Jane E1856
QUAY, Jeffrey03-07-1988
QUAY, Jeffrey
QUAY, Jeffrey
QUAY, Jemima AnnAbt Nov-184711 MAR 1849
QUAY, Jennie13 SEP 187329 NOV 1942
QUAY, Jennie Mable14 FEB 1918
QUAY, Jeremy
QUAY, Jessie2 APR 18706 OCT 1941
QUAY, Jessie P.Abt Oct-1874
QUAY, John
QUAY, John
QUAY, John Andrew17 APR 176703 MAY 1851
QUAY, John E
QUAY, John H.Feb-1883
QUAY, John Jacob16 JUN 181015 MAY 1880
QUAY, John James
QUAY, John Minor30 SEP 184404 AUG 1912
QUAY, Jonius A.26 NOV 185513 JAN 1856
QUAY, Judd
QUAY, Judith06-24-1948
QUAY, June
QUAY, Karen
QUAY, Katie
QUAY, Kelly MagenNov-1982
QUAY, Kenneth Sanford19 JAN 19127 OCT 1934
QUAY, Kieth
QUAY, Kristine Lee1967
QUAY, Kristopher
QUAY, L. Raymond3 SEP 191129 MAY 1983
QUAY, Leola
QUAY, Lewis24 MAR 181708 MAR 1895
QUAY, Lewis E.Jun-1865
QUAY, Lewis J.Apr-1877
QUAY, Lewis W.184126 JUL 1863
QUAY, Lillian20 JAN 1899May 1987
QUAY, Living
QUAY, LizzieMay-1886
QUAY, Lloyd22 JUL 1911May 1972
QUAY, Louise
QUAY, Lucius
QUAY, Lynn Alice1956
QUAY, Margaret
QUAY, Margaret
QUAY, Margaret G
QUAY, Maria01 APR 1808
QUAY, MarieABT 1790
QUAY, Marie Marguerite DragonWFT Est. 1765-1792WFT Est. 1814-1882
QUAY, Marilyn
QUAY, Martha1856
QUAY, Martha
QUAY, Martin D.abt 186621 JUN 1886
QUAY, Martin Luther01 NOV 183719 SEP 1918
QUAY, Mary18431920
QUAY, Mary18921985
QUAY, Mary CSep-184411 AUG 1921
QUAY, Mary Elizabeth
QUAY, Mary Elizabeth
QUAY, Mary Isabella
QUAY, Mary Louise1927
QUAY, Matthew Everett
QUAY, MaudeJan-1876
QUAY, Maybelle8 APR 1894
QUAY, Melvin18911895
QUAY, Mildred Louella26 OCT 18852 APR 1970
QUAY, Millard9 JUL 188820 JUL 1951
QUAY, Millard M.6 JUL 18859 OCT 1969
QUAY, Milton H05 JUL 1886
QUAY, Milton H.09 FEB 186026 JAN 1941
QUAY, Minnie
QUAY, MorganAbt Oct-18421 JUN 1844
QUAY, Morgan7 MAR 187525 OCT 1945
QUAY, Myron George19 NOV 188103 SEP 1918
QUAY, Myrtle Blanche29 MAR 188410 SEP 1973
QUAY, Nancy1848
QUAY, Nancy18441928
QUAY, Nancy
QUAY, Nancy Q
QUAY, Nelson Bersley25 DEC 185013 MAR 1921
QUAY, OliveJul-1896
QUAY, Ora19181987
QUAY, Patricia
QUAY, Patricia Ann1937
QUAY, Paul30 JUL 184115 NOV 1864
QUAY, Paul8 MAR 187822 NOV 1937
QUAY, PearlAug-1888
QUAY, PercyOct-188724 FEB 1947
QUAY, Peter09 MAY 1800
QUAY, Peter
QUAY, Peter
QUAY, Richard
QUAY, Richard
QUAY, Richard09-12-1984
QUAY, Richard
QUAY, Richard
QUAY, Richard H.19 MAY 1932
QUAY, Richard Raymond19 MAY 1932
QUAY, Robert
QUAY, Robert
QUAY, Robert Lansing6 OCT 188917 AUG 1930
QUAY, Roger E.Mar-1953
QUAY, Roland188915 JUN 1891
QUAY, Ronald Allen1961
QUAY, Rosemary
QUAY, RubyJun-1897
QUAY, Ruby Mamie14 DEC 191321 SEP 1994
QUAY, Rufus W17 OCT 185012-07-1930
QUAY, Ryan
QUAY, Sandra01-05-1947
QUAY, SanfordAbt Apr-185126 OCT 1935
QUAY, Sarah Elizabeth02 NOV 183704 APR 1913
QUAY, Seward Keltz18 MAY 189211 MAY 1969
QUAY, Shawna
QUAY, Shirley Kay1935
QUAY, Simon06 MAR 1806
QUAY, Simone Louise
QUAY, Spencer Albert8 SEP 186618 SEP 1952
QUAY, Steven Michael1969
QUAY, Susan18581940
QUAY, Susan

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