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17 Individuals with the POODT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
POODT, AugustABT 1827AFT 1877
POODT, Barbara Angelica3 MAR 1853
POODT, Egidius Ludovicus28 FEB 1790
POODT, Emilius Ludovicus13 AUG 1883
POODT, Emilius LudovicusABT 1847AFT 1877
POODT, Emilius Prosper Amilius15 SEP 18511 JAN 1903
POODT, Ferdinandus Josephus19 APR 17915 MAR 1831
POODT, Franciscus Sebastianus14 AUG 1792
POODT, Henrica Sidonia12 APR 1854
POODT, Henricus Emilius10 JUL 1880
POODT, Joannes Baptista21 AUG 1788
POODT, Joannes Henricus20 SEP 1795
POODT, Josina Odilia24 MAR 1879
POODT, Maria Josepha9 APR 1794
POODT, PetrusAFT 1815
POODT, Petrus Gregorius21 OCT 18219 JUN 1886
POODT, TheophilusABT 1858AFT 1886

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