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108 Individuals with the PAGET Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PAGET, Agnes9 OCT 1845
PAGET, Agnes11 Feb 18049 Oct 1845
PAGET, Agnes Charlotte10 MAR 1858
PAGET, Albert Arthur1823
PAGET, Aletheia Georgina14 NOV 1904
PAGET, Alexander Victor25 APR 183926 OCT 1896
PAGET, Alfred Henry29 Jun 181624 Aug 1888
PAGET, Alison Fay
PAGET, Anthony GeorgeABT 1941
PAGET, Arthur15 JAN 177126 JUL 1840
PAGET, Arthur15 Jan 177126 Jul 1840
PAGET, Augusta26 Jun 1802
PAGET, Augustus Frederick1818
PAGET, Beatrice Eleanor
PAGET, Berkeley Charles Sydney5 MAR 184425 NOV 1913
PAGET, Berkeley Thomas2 Jan 178026 Oct 1842
PAGET, Berkeley Thomas
PAGET, Brayden Darren Dustin6 Oct 1994
PAGET, Brooklyn Taylor Dawn14 Mar 1993
PAGET, BrownlowABT 178523 Apr 1797
PAGET, Caroline1874
PAGET, Caroline1874
PAGET, Caroline1874
PAGET, Caroline
PAGET, CarolineABT 1722
PAGET, Caroline6 Feb 17739 Jul 1847
PAGET, Caroline6 Jun 179612 Mar 1874
PAGET, Charles7 Oct 177827 Jan 1839
PAGET, Charles Henry Alexander14 APR 188521 FEB 1947
PAGET, Charlotte26 Oct 178126 Jan 1817
PAGET, Chas. Osier18711939
PAGET, ChildABT 1804
PAGET, ChildABT 1806
PAGET, Claire Helen
PAGET, Clarence Edward1811
PAGET, Constance Henrietta5 MAR 1878
PAGET, Darren LIoyd12 Sep 1967
PAGET, Debra
PAGET, Diana
PAGET, Earl James20 Feb 19031939
PAGET, Edward3 NOV 177513 MAY 1849
PAGET, Edward3 Nov 177513 May 1849
PAGET, Elizabeth "Betsy"
PAGET, Emily Caroline1811
PAGET, EuphrosineAbt 1809
PAGET, Frances Jane2 MAY 181726 AUG 1903
PAGET, Gary1984
PAGET, George Augustus Frederick16 MAR 181811 SEP 1892
PAGET, George Rupert
PAGET, Georgiana29 Aug 18009 Nov 1875
PAGET, Gertrude Jane22 OCT 1871
PAGET, GrisildAbt 1547
PAGET, Henry153928 DEC 1571
PAGET, Henry6 JUL 17977 FEB 1869
PAGET, Henry25 DEC 183513 OCT 1898
PAGET, Henry
PAGET, Henry6 Jul 17976 Feb 1869
PAGET, Henry
PAGET, Henry153928 DEC 1571
PAGET, Henry18 JUN 174413 MAR 1812
PAGET, Henry Bayly18 JUN 174413 MAY 1812
PAGET, Henry Earl of Uxbridge19 Jun 174413 Mar 1812
PAGET, Henry William17 MAY 176829 APR 1854
PAGET, Henry WilliamAbt 1750
PAGET, Henry William 4th Earl of Uxbridge and Marquis of Anglesey17 May 176829 Apr 1854
PAGET, Herbert George1886
PAGET, Jane30 JUN 1842
PAGET, Jane28 JAN 1876
PAGET, Jane1 Sep 177430 Jun 1842
PAGET, Jane13 Oct 179828 Jan 1896
PAGET, Jane1 Sep 177430 Jun 1842
PAGET, Jane1772
PAGET, Jay1982
PAGET, John Bernard
PAGET, Joseph
PAGET, Kenneth Orville18 JUN 1950
PAGET, Kenneth Orville , Sr11 NOV 192018 JUL 1951
PAGET, Kenneth Todd14 NOV 1978
PAGET, Lady Caroline17961874
PAGET, Letha or Alathia20 DEC 180017 FEB 1877
PAGET, LIoyd Brian
PAGET, Living
PAGET, Living
PAGET, Living
PAGET, Living
PAGET, Living
PAGET, Louisa26 Mar 177723 Jan 1842
PAGET, Mamie
PAGET, Mamie
PAGET, Marie
PAGET, Mary29 APR 1835
PAGET, Mary9 Apr 178329 Apr 1835
PAGET, Muriel Helen Florence3 JAN 187820 APR 1941
PAGET, Richard Horner14 MAR 18323 FEB 1908
PAGET, Rowland Edward8 DEC 1878
PAGET, Tamara Dawn8 FEB 1974
PAGET, Thomas
PAGET, Thomas John1885
PAGET, Wayne
PAGET, William20 AUG 1629
PAGET, William
PAGET, William22 Dec 17691794/1795
PAGET, William Edward Sydney20 AUG 19168 APR 1941
PAGET, Winifred Constance Heather18 APR 1965

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