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19 Individuals with the PAFF Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PAFF, Anna Elizabeth20 OCT 183129 NOV 1836
PAFF, Annie L.23 MAY 1866
PAFF, Anton
PAFF, B. Frank4 NOV 1864
PAFF, Harry23 OCT 1853
PAFF, Henry4 AUG 182512 OCT 1830
PAFF, Horace1 MAY 185211 SEP 1852
PAFF, James W.13 APR 18394 APR 1898
PAFF, Lillian J.2 DEC 1860
PAFF, Living
PAFF, Mary7 MAR 18287 JUL 1828
PAFF, Mary ElizaAbt 17867 Oct 1828
PAFF, Mary Ellen19 MAR 184510 JAN 1924
PAFF, Mary Emma17 JUL 18565 JAN 1876
PAFF, Phebe I.15 OCT 1858
PAFF, Susannah H.14 AUG 182312 MAR 1904
PAFF, Theresa23 MAR 18361 FEB 1906
PAFF, WilliamABT 17902 APR 1869
PAFF, William18 SEP 182917 NOV 1874

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