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49 Individuals with the OYLER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OYLER, Adam18461923
OYLER, Adam18461923
OYLER, Annie<1888>
OYLER, Barbara Rae
OYLER, Bernard
OYLER, Catherine
OYLER, Charles19 Jun 189516 Apr 1947
OYLER, Chris
OYLER, Clara9 Feb 18913 Apr 1977
OYLER, CliffordABT 1892
OYLER, Cora Alice4 JUN 1901
OYLER, Daniel29 JUL 1819
OYLER, ElizabethBET 1750 AND 176307 SEP 1815
OYLER, ElizabethBET 1750 AND 176307 SEP 1815
OYLER, Elizabeth15 DEC 18158 OCT 1877
OYLER, Florence EllenMAR 1884
OYLER, HannahJAN 1882
OYLER, Henry9 Feb 18849 Mar 1962
OYLER, Herman Cliff16 JUN 1893
OYLER, James Myrtle26 APR 188023 SEP 1952
OYLER, Jessie BelleABT 1896
OYLER, JohnSEP 1860
OYLER, John Emmet29 NOV 188622 FEB 1963
OYLER, John Orrin4 Jun 185813 Mar 1949
OYLER, John Orrin2 Nov 188012 Jun 1950
OYLER, Joseph16 Dec 188827 Jul 1961
OYLER, Le Roy6 Sep 18994 Jul 1970
OYLER, Lenora11 Sep 189717 Jan 1976
OYLER, Leo12 Apr 189313 May 1982
OYLER, Living
OYLER, Living
OYLER, Louisa12 Sep 186427 Aug 1918
OYLER, Lucille
OYLER, Lucille
OYLER, LucindaJUN 1891
OYLER, Minerva Levera25 Jan 190510 Oct 1945
OYLER, Nancy
OYLER, Nettie B.
OYLER, Sarah Lezetta16 Mar 188219 May 1920
OYLER, Tawni Danielle7 Nov 1982
OYLER, Tena Marie26 FEB 1899
OYLER, Tilghman30 OCT 1888AUG 1889
OYLER, Troy Dee15 Oct 1961
OYLER, Valentyne1867
OYLER, Virginia9 Mar 190217 Sep 1929
OYLER, William
OYLER, William
OYLER, William Albert2 Oct 188622 Jan 1974

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