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30 Individuals with the OVERALL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OVERALL, AbrahamABT 1778
OVERALL, Albert Henry1842
OVERALL, Asbury McKendree18441922
OVERALL, Baxter Davis18191878
OVERALL, Captain William17541793
OVERALL, Catherine1792
OVERALL, Christinia W.ABT 1792
OVERALL, EliasABT 1784
OVERALL, ElizabethABT 1786
OVERALL, Florence Woodson7 NOV 187123 APR 1934
OVERALL, Frances1791
OVERALL, IsaacABT 1780
OVERALL, JacobABT 1782
OVERALL, James Garnett18141874
OVERALL, John , Jr.
OVERALL, John Froman1756
OVERALL, John Froman , Jr.ABT 1790
OVERALL, John H.ABT 1843
OVERALL, Laura AABT 1829
OVERALL, MarionABT 1788
OVERALL, Mary17831849
OVERALL, Mrs. John F. WilliamsABT 1841
OVERALL, Mrs. L.E. CarterABT 1845
OVERALL, Nathaniel17561835
OVERALL, Nathaniel
OVERALL, Rev. Nace S.17901870
OVERALL, Robert17851863
OVERALL, William , Sr.17 Feb 176010 Oct 1810
OVERALL, Wilson Lee24 DEC 1850

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