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38 Individuals with the OTTS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OTTS, Alfred4 FEB 1929
OTTS, Alice Catherine1861
OTTS, Andrew Marion
OTTS, Andrew Marion
OTTS, Archibald Bruce McEachin21 JUL 18976 DEC 1966
OTTS, Brandon Douglas
OTTS, Charlie Joe JackUNKNOWN
OTTS, Elizabeth Avery
OTTS, Elizabeth McEachin
OTTS, Eudora Somerville McEachin28 JUL 191222 JUN 1972
OTTS, Harriet Byrd
OTTS, Hilaree Alison
OTTS, John Martin Philip , Jr.15 MAY 192915 MAR 2000
OTTS, John Martin Philip II25 DEC 190111 JUL 1973
OTTS, Lee McMillan
OTTS, Lelia Jane McCrary21 SEP 18991966
OTTS, Lelius McCrary6 JUN 186926 MAY 1931
OTTS, Lelius McCrary , Jr.6 JUL 189616 SEP 1896
OTTS, Marian M.ABT. 1842
OTTS, Martha Frances
OTTS, Martha McEachin
OTTS, Mary
OTTS, Mary
OTTS, Mary (Molly) A.22 MAR 185215 MAY 1902
OTTS, Mary Esther
OTTS, Mary Eudora Somerville
OTTS, Mary Lee
OTTS, Nannie Mae
OTTS, Nannie Mae
OTTS, Philip Oliver
OTTS, Roy Shaw
OTTS, Sarah N.18631927
OTTS, Shirley McEachin
OTTS, Suzanne Olivia
OTTS, William Bacon Oliver17 AUG 193110 JUN 1996
OTTS, Yvonne Ruth

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