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22 Individuals with the OMLIE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OMLIE, Anna Cecelia16 JUL 191017 JUL 1983
OMLIE, Anne Elizabeth28 FEB 1966
OMLIE, Anton Mathias Knutson10 DEC 186128 NOV 1919
OMLIE, Christina Anna Knutson18641960
OMLIE, Gusta Knutson18677 JUN 1915
OMLIE, Halvor [Knutson]185410 AUG 1935
OMLIE, Ingeborg Celia18551952
OMLIE, James JosephJUN 1983
OMLIE, Jamie Patricia25 JUL 1979
OMLIE, Jessica Elizabeth22 MAY 1985
OMLIE, Katherine Anne17 JAN 1946
OMLIE, Katherine Reque30 DEC 1911
OMLIE, Knud Knudson7 MAY 184821 MAR 1872
OMLIE, Knud Madsen17961875
OMLIE, Mads Knutson28 MAR 182315 MAY 1912
OMLIE, Maren [Mary] Knutson6 DEC 1850ABT 8 JUL 1934
OMLIE, Mark Reque31 AUG 1949
OMLIE, Martha [Marte] Knutson18521 FEB 1925
OMLIE, Oscar K26 SEP 1869FEB 1964
OMLIE, Oscar K
OMLIE, Osuld Knutson30 APR 185812 NOV 1943
OMLIE, Styrk Sigurd Reque18 OCT 191520 AUG 1988

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