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18 Individuals with the OLIVO Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OLIVO, Amanda Louise12 AUG 1975
OLIVO, Angela Costantina18 Feb 1888AFT 1907
OLIVO, Angelo3 Aug 18902 May 1893
OLIVO, Anna Maria3 Jun 1882AFT 1900
OLIVO, BiaggioABT 1804AFT 1857
OLIVO, Biagio Vito24 Apr 188412 Dec 1885
OLIVO, Concetta
OLIVO, Giovannangelo22 Sep 18574 Mar 1898
OLIVO, GiovannangeloAFT 1804
OLIVO, Jennifer Jane10 JAN 1967
OLIVO, Jeremy Buchanan26 MAY 1979
OLIVO, Maria Costantina27 Oct 18863 Feb 1887
OLIVO, Maria Lucrezia22 Sep 1857ABT 1909
OLIVO, Pasquale26 Sep 188518 Jan 1886
OLIVO, Riaso30 Sep 18805 Oct 1880
OLIVO, Stephanie Katherine2 MAY 1977
OLIVO, Thomas Peter11 JAN 1941
OLIVO, Unknown

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