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610 Individuals with the OGDEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OGDEN, (Male)22 APR 192922 APR 1929
OGDEN, -----
OGDEN, A. J.ABT. 1832
OGDEN, Abigail
OGDEN, Abigail1677
OGDEN, Abigail1677-1678
OGDEN, AbigailApr 1725
OGDEN, Abigail11 Feb 1701/02
OGDEN, Abigail1746
OGDEN, Abigail1725
OGDEN, Abigail Marie1911
OGDEN, Abraham172411 May 1790
OGDEN, Abraham
OGDEN, Abraham1730
OGDEN, AbrahamABT 1724
OGDEN, Abraham
OGDEN, Addie23 May 189612 Mar 1967
OGDEN, Alan R.
OGDEN, AlbertABT 1970
OGDEN, AlbertABT 1970
OGDEN, Albert
OGDEN, Albert C18 NOV 192926 NOV 1979
OGDEN, Albert Hutton14 Jul 189810 Sep 1898
OGDEN, Albert Hutton14 Jul 189810 Sep 1898
OGDEN, AlbertaABT 1870
OGDEN, Alice Elizabeth5 NOV 187730 AUG 1878
OGDEN, Alice MariePrivate
OGDEN, Allene1927
OGDEN, AlmaAbt 1876
OGDEN, Alvin Nelson1960
OGDEN, Alvin Nelson1927
OGDEN, Alvin Nelson18991967
OGDEN, Amanda27 Feb 183810 Jun 1905
OGDEN, Amelia A.19 OCT 1820
OGDEN, Angela GailPrivate
OGDEN, Angela May6 AUG 196213 FEB 1984
OGDEN, AnnABT 1720
OGDEN, Ann18191824 (AE) 5 YRS.
OGDEN, Ann18171821 (AE) 4 YRS.
OGDEN, Anna BarkerAbt 1857
OGDEN, Anna Louise19081920
OGDEN, Anne7 DEC 192720 FEB 1979
OGDEN, Annette LynnPrivate
OGDEN, Archie WillardPrivate
OGDEN, Barbara Jean
OGDEN, Barbara Louise
OGDEN, Barbara Louise
OGDEN, Benjamil AllenPrivate
OGDEN, Benjamin165315 Jan 1690
OGDEN, Benjamin26 Jan 18891940
OGDEN, Benjamin165320 Nov 1722
OGDEN, Benjamin
OGDEN, Beth Eva
OGDEN, Betty
OGDEN, Betty Alventine1930
OGDEN, Burns7 Dec 190313 Jul 1982
OGDEN, Burton
OGDEN, Cadwalader E.
OGDEN, Capt. Benjamin165420 Nov 1722
OGDEN, Carol Estel
OGDEN, Carol Estel
OGDEN, Carrie
OGDEN, Carrie
OGDEN, Catherine
OGDEN, Cecil Jacqueline25 May 1900
OGDEN, Charles21 AUG 18669 JUN 1952
OGDEN, CharlotteABT 1874
OGDEN, Christopher C.9 MAY 189813 AUG 1953
OGDEN, Clara
OGDEN, Clara LouisePrivate
OGDEN, Claris FayePrivate
OGDEN, Cora BelleFeb 191812 Aug 1993
OGDEN, Cora Louise
OGDEN, Curtis Howard3 MAR 1980
OGDEN, Daniel Henry20 APR 18761 OCT 1903
OGDEN, Daniel Howard
OGDEN, Dannie GlendonPrivate
OGDEN, Darren JeffreyPrivate
OGDEN, Daryl DewaynePrivate
OGDEN, Daven PaulPrivate
OGDEN, David17261801
OGDEN, David11 Jun 1611
OGDEN, David167811 Jul 1734
OGDEN, David11 Jan 163927 Feb 1692
OGDEN, David17 May 171419 Oct 1751
OGDEN, David2 Jan 175413 Aug 1790
OGDEN, David
OGDEN, David11 Jan 1638/391691-1692
OGDEN, DavidABT 167811 Jul 1734
OGDEN, David1712?
OGDEN, David1711
OGDEN, David17 May 1714
OGDEN, David171216 APR 1777
OGDEN, David1739
OGDEN, David11 JAN 1638/3927 FEB 1698/99
OGDEN, David
OGDEN, David11 JUN 1611
OGDEN, David
OGDEN, David A.NOV 1859
OGDEN, David AllenPrivate
OGDEN, David B.3 NOV 1849
OGDEN, David B.
OGDEN, David Charles10 Dec 1969
OGDEN, David L.
OGDEN, Della M.24 Dec 1902
OGDEN, Delyle A.18 FEB 1955
OGDEN, Dester HaroldPrivate
OGDEN, Diana Elizabeth1969
OGDEN, Diana Marie29 Apr 1963
OGDEN, Doris Alene19021926
OGDEN, Dorothy1908
OGDEN, Dorothy18 Oct 1905-190614 Feb 1931
OGDEN, Dorothy Fern1943
OGDEN, Dorothy Mae1938
OGDEN, DowdyJUN 1891
OGDEN, Eddie Laurence19291962
OGDEN, Edith
OGDEN, Edith23 Jun 1894
OGDEN, Edward
OGDEN, Edward6 Sep 1540
OGDEN, EdwardAbt 1605
OGDEN, Edward21 Jul 15981630
OGDEN, Edward
OGDEN, Edward?
OGDEN, Edward13 APR 18127 OCT 1853
OGDEN, Edward21 JUL 1598
OGDEN, Edward6 SEP 1540
OGDEN, Edward Garratt21 JUL 184710 MAY 1931
OGDEN, Edward Le Roy22 APR 19168 APR 1974
OGDEN, Edward Lee24 SEP 1929
OGDEN, Edward Lee24 SEP 1929
OGDEN, Eleanor24 JAN 180713 MAR 1874
OGDEN, Elihu
OGDEN, Elisabeth17 Dec 1603Bef May 1607
OGDEN, Elizabeth1711?10 Jan 1785
OGDEN, Elizabeth30 APR 1856AFTER 1907
OGDEN, Elizabeth
OGDEN, ElizabethABT 1810?
OGDEN, Elizabeth
OGDEN, Elizabeth1713
OGDEN, ElizabethFeb 1711/1210 Jan 1785
OGDEN, Elizabeth?
OGDEN, Elizabeth17 DEC 1603
OGDEN, Elizabeth13 MAY 1607
OGDEN, ElizabethABT. 1852
OGDEN, Elizabeth
OGDEN, Elizabeth30 APR 1856AFTER 1907
OGDEN, Elizabeth 2nd13 May 1607
OGDEN, Elizabeth Ann
OGDEN, Elizabeth Garratt26 SEP 18428 DEC 1908
OGDEN, Elizabeth Mae9 Apr 189123 Mar 1955
OGDEN, Elizabeth Mae9 Apr 189123 Mar 1955
OGDEN, Elmer Harold
OGDEN, Emaline25 JUN 1818
OGDEN, Emily May6 FEB 1986
OGDEN, Emma24 Dec 190227 Jan 1936
OGDEN, Ernest ALLEN18971946
OGDEN, Esther17 JUN 183527 DEC 1835
OGDEN, Esther Emily6 AUG 18392 JAN 1923
OGDEN, Eugenia Ruth
OGDEN, Eunice1755
OGDEN, Evelyn Joyce1927
OGDEN, Ezekiel
OGDEN, Frances
OGDEN, Francis Renee1965
OGDEN, Frederick Walter19041962
OGDEN, George15 Jan 1866
OGDEN, George
OGDEN, George Henry
OGDEN, George Henry
OGDEN, George Henry
OGDEN, George Timlow4 JUN 193228 JUN 1960
OGDEN, George Timlow18971981
OGDEN, Georgia AnnPrivate
OGDEN, Georgine
OGDEN, GertrudeAUG 1881
OGDEN, GlendaleneSep 19195 Oct 1920
OGDEN, Gouvenour Morris28 SEP 18793 APR 1896
OGDEN, Gouverneur Morris
OGDEN, Gouverneur Morris
OGDEN, Hannah17141783
OGDEN, HannahAbt 1613
OGDEN, Hannah1756Aft 1799
OGDEN, HannahABT 164930 APR 1691
OGDEN, Hannah1 JAN 178926 JUN 1871
OGDEN, HannahABT 164930 APR 1691
OGDEN, Hannah?
OGDEN, Hannah?
OGDEN, Hannah Jane
OGDEN, Harold Lee1937
OGDEN, Harriet
OGDEN, Harriet12 APR 18097 OCT 1888
OGDEN, Harriet12 APR 1801UNKNOWN
OGDEN, Harriet1870
OGDEN, Harry
OGDEN, Harry
OGDEN, HelenABT 1876
OGDEN, Helen Graham22 OCT 185426 DEC 1907
OGDEN, Helen Graham22 OCT 185426 DEC 1907
OGDEN, HerbertMAR 1885
OGDEN, HerschelABT. 1909
OGDEN, Hezekiah15 AUG 17943 JUN 1861
OGDEN, Hezekiah15 AUG 17943 JUN 1861
OGDEN, Hillegondt1719
OGDEN, Hulda26 Apr 1719
OGDEN, Hulda26 Apr 1719
OGDEN, Ian Handel18 MAY 1932
OGDEN, Ida24 Jul 1951
OGDEN, IraABT. 1892
OGDEN, Irene May
OGDEN, Isaac?
OGDEN, Isaac1788
OGDEN, IsaacJUL 1829
OGDEN, Ivone
OGDEN, Jack Monroe11 NOV 1930
OGDEN, Jack Monroe11 NOV 1930
OGDEN, JamesABT 1809
OGDEN, James Gary12 AUG 1954
OGDEN, James Gary12 AUG 1954
OGDEN, James H
OGDEN, James Morse30 JAN 1944
OGDEN, James Scott17 SEP 1973
OGDEN, James William
OGDEN, James William
OGDEN, Jane1734
OGDEN, Jared
OGDEN, Jason DavidPrivate
OGDEN, Jeffery Scott3 SEP 1965
OGDEN, Jemima?
OGDEN, Jemima1692?
OGDEN, Jennifer Claire08 MAR 1989
OGDEN, Jeptha Lindley15 MAY 1877
OGDEN, Jerry Earl1935
OGDEN, Jesse Isaac11 FEB 189715 NOV 1983

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