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135 Individuals with the OFFUTT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OFFUTT, Aletha^18131894
OFFUTT, Alexander7 MAY 17361786
OFFUTT, Alexander7 May 1736Abt 1786
OFFUTT, Alexander C.18 Feb 176731 Oct 1823
OFFUTT, AndrewWFT Est. 1775-1798WFT Est. 1780-1879
OFFUTT, Andrew1799
OFFUTT, AngelineABT 1838ABT 6 SEP 1899
OFFUTT, AnnePrivate
OFFUTT, ArahAbt 1808/180924 Mar 1870
OFFUTT, Arah^1782Aft 1825
OFFUTT, Azra Nathaniel180226 Oct 1831
OFFUTT, Baruch3 May 1777
OFFUTT, Catherine AnnePrivate
OFFUTT, CharlesPrivate
OFFUTT, Charles , Jr.Private
OFFUTT, DentonAbt 1790Aft 1860
OFFUTT, Edward170026 JUL 1749
OFFUTT, Edward17001749
OFFUTT, EleanorAbt 1780Bef Oct 1825
OFFUTT, Elisha12 Apr 1775
OFFUTT, Elizabeth
OFFUTT, Elizabeth^23 Nov 1763
OFFUTT, Enoch23 Mar 1768
OFFUTT, Esley M.7 Aug 1819Bef 1853
OFFUTT, HarryAbt 1881
OFFUTT, HelenPrivate
OFFUTT, James14 OCT 17251802
OFFUTT, James17041750
OFFUTT, JamesAbt 1648
OFFUTT, James14 Feb 172525 Jul 1802
OFFUTT, JamesAbt 17031750
OFFUTT, James D.11 Sep 1765
OFFUTT, James Doull29 May 1772
OFFUTT, James Herd24 Jan 182116 Oct 1851
OFFUTT, James M.3 AUG 1754WFT Est. 1755-1844
OFFUTT, James M.3 Aug 1757
OFFUTT, James^Abt 178312 Feb 1856
OFFUTT, James^Abt 1648
OFFUTT, Jane17311787
OFFUTT, Jane6 MAR 1726/1727
OFFUTT, JaneAbt 1704
OFFUTT, Jane27 Mar 1770
OFFUTT, Jane6 Mar 1727
OFFUTT, JaneAbt 1716Bef 1747/1748
OFFUTT, Jean DoullBET. 1753 - 1780BET. 1815 - 1868
OFFUTT, JeanettePrivate
OFFUTT, Jerome19111982
OFFUTT, John17081743
OFFUTT, John17081743
OFFUTT, John Littleton10 May 181124 Mar 1870
OFFUTT, Joseph Notley , Jr.Private
OFFUTT, Justin WilliamPrivate
OFFUTT, Keziah24 FEB 1734/1735
OFFUTT, Keziah24 Feb 1734/1735
OFFUTT, LeonardPrivate
OFFUTT, LorettaPrivate
OFFUTT, LucilePrivate
OFFUTT, Margaret
OFFUTT, Margaret22 Jul 1760betw.1820 and 1824
OFFUTT, Margaret Washington1867
OFFUTT, Mariah
OFFUTT, MarkPrivate
OFFUTT, Mary17081733
OFFUTT, Mary6 Oct 1721Abt 1780
OFFUTT, MaryAbt 17081733
OFFUTT, Mary Elizabeth
OFFUTT, Miles E.Abt 1873
OFFUTT, Milton Joseph19 MAR 1899
OFFUTT, Milton Joseph19 MAR 1899
OFFUTT, Milton WorthingtonABT 1870
OFFUTT, Milton WorthingtonABT 1870
OFFUTT, Nancy Jenkins16 NOV 1897
OFFUTT, Nancy Jenkins16 NOV 1897
OFFUTT, Nathaniel1710Aft MAR 1748
OFFUTT, Nathaniel16 Apr 1762
OFFUTT, NathanielAbt 17201775
OFFUTT, NotleyPrivate
OFFUTT, Otho178816 Aug 1842
OFFUTT, Priscilla17 AUG 1733
OFFUTT, Priscilla17 Aug 1733
OFFUTT, Rebecca14 Dec 18211896
OFFUTT, Rezin22 Feb 1759
OFFUTT, Rezin Ray3 Sep 18001886
OFFUTT, Samuel19 APR 171215 MAY 1761
OFFUTT, Samuel2 OCT 17511827
OFFUTT, Samuel1820Bef 3 Aug 1853
OFFUTT, Samuel19 Apr 171215 May 1761
OFFUTT, Samuel Ray179827 Nov 1865
OFFUTT, Samuel^
OFFUTT, Samuel^2 Oct 175125 Jan 1827
OFFUTT, Sara6 Apr 1755
OFFUTT, Sarah17 AUG 1731
OFFUTT, Sarah1706
OFFUTT, Sarah6 APR 1755WFT Est. 1769-1849
OFFUTT, Sarah1807
OFFUTT, Sarah9 Aug 1731
OFFUTT, Sarah2 Apr 17096 Jun 1762
OFFUTT, Stephen19451958
OFFUTT, ThomasBET 1704 AND 17081732
OFFUTT, ThomasAbt 17051714
OFFUTT, Thomas1715Bef 1747/1748
OFFUTT, Thomas WorthingtonABT 1870
OFFUTT, Thomas Worthington07 AUG 1907
OFFUTT, Thomas WorthingtonABT 1870
OFFUTT, Thomas Worthington07 AUG 1907
OFFUTT, Tilghman
OFFUTT, Tilghman
OFFUTT, Tilghman
OFFUTT, Tilghman3 Aug 178628 Mar 1862
OFFUTT, William17021737
OFFUTT, William
OFFUTT, William167410 JUN 1734
OFFUTT, William14 FEB 1728/17291786
OFFUTT, William Magruder23 Apr 1753
OFFUTT, William Mockabee23 APR 1753WFT Est. 1784-1844
OFFUTT, William^14 Feb 17291786
OFFUTT, William^Abt 1700Jul 1737
OFFUTT, William^1674Abt Jun 1734
OFFUTT, Zedekiah ?
OFFUTT, Zephaniah Beall1850
OFFUTT, WFT Est. 1740-1760WFT Est. 1775-1846
OFFUTT, 5 AUG 1926

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