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20 Individuals with the OEM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OEM, DanielAbt 14602 NOV 1485
OEM, GillisAbt 1325Dead
OEM, HermanABT 1550
OEM, HermanAbt 1520Abt 1587
OEM, HermanAbt 1550Dead
OEM, HermanAbt 157517 JUL 1625
OEM, HermanABT 1520ABT 1587
OEM, HermanABT 157517 JUL 1625
OEM, JacobAbt 14251526
OEM, JacobAbt 1375Dead
OEM, JanABT 1552
OEM, JanAbt 1552
OEM, Martin<1601>
OEM, MartinABT 1599
OEM, MartinAbt 1600
OEM, StielemenAbt 1400
OEM, TheilmanAbt 1350Dead
OEM, WilkeminaABT 158019 AUG 1604
OEM, WilkeminaAbt 158019 AUG 1604
OEM, Abt 148520 JUL 1526

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