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41 Individuals with the ODEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ODEN, Albert E.25 JUL 185828 JAN 1888
ODEN, Andrew Butler
ODEN, Annie Marie18 APR 188810 FEB 1969
ODEN, AugustaJAN 1861FEB 1952
ODEN, Billy Edward15 MAR 1993
ODEN, Billy Edward15 MAR 1993
ODEN, Charles E.
ODEN, Doris Gertrude
ODEN, Dorsey C.15 MAR 189018 OCT 1921
ODEN, Edeene2 JUN 19021961
ODEN, Elma RebeccaFEB 188614 OCT 1946
ODEN, Felix HillMAY 1864
ODEN, Felix Hill25 MAY 189320 SEP 1968
ODEN, Frances L.1844
ODEN, Frances Skinner1800
ODEN, Harold Eddy
ODEN, Harold Eddy
ODEN, Imogene
ODEN, Jasper A.7 MAY 187125 JUN 1954
ODEN, Jessie Marie4 FEB 18961988
ODEN, Jewel D.8 NOV 190319 JUL 1983
ODEN, Lillian
ODEN, Lilly
ODEN, Mary Ann1849/1850
ODEN, Mary Frances
ODEN, Mary Louise13 MAY 192618 AUG 1988
ODEN, Mrs.ABT 0217
ODEN, Nancy Ann Elizabeth1860
ODEN, Nancy Frances20 JUL 190619 FEB 1967
ODEN, Paul Dickerson
ODEN, Rachel Melissa
ODEN, Sarah Mayfield
ODEN, Thomas H.25 DEC 18243 JUL 1887
ODEN, Tiffany Leeann5 MAY 1998
ODEN, Tiffany Leeann5 MAY 1998
ODEN, Willis Raye
ODEN, [Infant]DEC 1862DEC 1862

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