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74 Individuals with the OBST Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OBST, Alison Louise
OBST, Alwin Victor
OBST, Anna
OBST, Anna
OBST, Anna RosinaABT 1716?
OBST, Audrey Clarice
OBST, August Heinrich21 Aug 1879
OBST, Bernhard Gottlieb
OBST, Betty Valda
OBST, Beverly Bernadette
OBST, Bryan Ian
OBST, Carl FriedrichAbt 1848
OBST, Carl Gordon
OBST, Christine Ruth
OBST, David George
OBST, Dennis Graham
OBST, Denson Nathaniel
OBST, Dorothy Anne
OBST, Edna Norma
OBST, Elizabeth Bertha17 Jan 1882
OBST, Ella Maria
OBST, Emilie Clara19 Apr 1886
OBST, Evelyn Dorothy
OBST, Evelyn Ida
OBST, Friedrich1887
OBST, Friedrich Wilhlelm5 Apr 1883
OBST, Gaetan Dennis
OBST, George Edmund
OBST, Gottlieb11 Dec 18571915
OBST, Gustav Berthold12 Dec 1889
OBST, Gustav Herbert17 Dec 1896
OBST, Harold Arthur
OBST, Heidi Janelle
OBST, Helena Wanda24 Dec 1891
OBST, Howard Victor
OBST, Johann Albert15 Aug 1894
OBST, Johann Carl Friedrich
OBST, Johann Carl Friedrich
OBST, Johann Gottlieb
OBST, Johannes Christian9 Oct 1874
OBST, John Marcus
OBST, Joylene Lorna
OBST, Karoline Maria24 Mar 1876
OBST, Katherine Marie
OBST, Kylie Jane
OBST, Linley Joy
OBST, Lorna Eileen
OBST, Lorraine Beula
OBST, Margaret Hilda
OBST, Margaret Millicent
OBST, Marie Helena20 Sep 1887
OBST, Marie Selma2 Sep 1899
OBST, Mathilda Elsie
OBST, Matthew Darren
OBST, Mervyn Herbert
OBST, Michael John
OBST, Michael Raymond
OBST, Myra Irene
OBST, Neville James
OBST, Nora Evelyn
OBST, Norma Alwine
OBST, Otto Julius25 Aug 1884
OBST, Pamela Dawn
OBST, Patricia
OBST, Patricia Edna
OBST, Pauline Sarah31 Aug 18619 Nov 1935
OBST, Phyllis Doreen
OBST, Raymond Kenneth
OBST, Ronald Albert
OBST, Rosina Dorothea
OBST, Sidonia Gertrude
OBST, Sophia Minna
OBST, Theordor Gerhardt
OBST, Tracey Leanne

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