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43 Individuals with the OBERLIN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OBERLIN, (Johann) Adam31 MAY 17451812
OBERLIN, (Johann) AdamAbt 17153 MAR 1780
OBERLIN, Anna Maria19 SEP 1646
OBERLIN, Anne Marie16 SEP 1849
OBERLIN, Anne Marie
OBERLIN, Anne Marie01 FEB 179431 DEC 1827
OBERLIN, Anthoni23 FEB 1620BEF .. 1696
OBERLIN, Apollonia
OBERLIN, Apollonia14 MAR 1596.. SEP 1657
OBERLIN, Barbara16 SEP 1608
OBERLIN, Bernhard05 JAN 1608
OBERLIN, Claus23 JAN 158613 JUN 1636
OBERLIN, Daniel22 APR 175420 OCT 1810
OBERLIN, Georges Chretien19 MAY 1861
OBERLIN, Hans11 SEP 163115 OCT 1712
OBERLIN, Hans20 DEC 161806 APR 1677
OBERLIN, Hans, des Gerichts?
OBERLIN, Jean02 AUG 171827 JUL 1759
OBERLIN, Johann26 JUN 1624
OBERLIN, Johann Martin
OBERLIN, Johann, de Jebsheim
OBERLIN, Johannes04 OCT 166803 MAR 1731
OBERLIN, John Adam
OBERLIN, Lentz12 NOV 159816 FEB 1674
OBERLIN, Marc01 MAY 160310 AUG 1661
OBERLIN, Marc.. 1535
OBERLIN, Marc, le jeune20 DEC 157324 OCT 1633
OBERLIN, Margaret10 JAN 177724 SEP 1849
OBERLIN, Margaretha
OBERLIN, Maria.. 1576
OBERLIN, Maria18 APR 1695
OBERLIN, Maria Magdalena05 OCT 171215 APR 1787
OBERLIN, Marie Louise04 JUL 184207 OCT 1865
OBERLIN, MatthiasAFT .. 1666
OBERLIN, Philipp09 JUN 1672
OBERLIN, Philippe Chretien07 JUL 1831
OBERLIN, Ursula17 MAR 167202 APR 1726
OBERLIN, Wendelin

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