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24 Individuals with the OBBER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OBBER, Angela M6 JUN 1871
OBBER, Attilio Uberto2 MAY 1877OCT 1952
OBBER, Carla?
OBBER, Cecilia22 JAN 1885
OBBER, E? Lucillia1 APR 1875
OBBER, Elena Maria Cristina?
OBBER, Enrico1 SEP 1868
OBBER, Giovanni Battista22 AUG 19085 FEB 1909
OBBER, Giuseppe
OBBER, Laura Emma12 MAR 190528/11/1971?
OBBER, Lucia Marta L14 DEC 1863
OBBER, Maria30 JAN 190428 JUL 1976
OBBER, Maria Giulia Elvira6 APR 1874
OBBER, Maria Illuminata4 MAR 1881
OBBER, Maria Margharita Angela5 NOV 1862
OBBER, Marta Anna15 FEB 1867
OBBER, Pietro21 MAR 187330 OCT 1944
OBBER, Pietro
OBBER, Pietro
OBBER, Pietro Angelo Giuseppe11 MAY 1865
OBBER, Pietro Luigi30 DEC 1869
OBBER, Riccardo30 MAY 190219 OCT 1963

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