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19 Individuals with the OAKESON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
OAKESON, Aaron Pryor25 OCT 1975
OAKESON, Ambree Kathryn30 SEP 1998
OAKESON, Benjamin Daniel20 JUL 2000
OAKESON, Daniel Pryor28 APR 1972
OAKESON, Dean Mark3 FEB 1998
OAKESON, Emily2 SEP 1977
OAKESON, Francis Wayne20 FEB 1924
OAKESON, Grant Francis20 AUG 1947
OAKESON, Gwendolyn28 DEC 1934
OAKESON, Issac Pryor11 NOV 1981
OAKESON, Janette4 JAN 1974
OAKESON, LaRaine24 DEC 1944
OAKESON, Laurie14 JAN 1954
OAKESON, Marie6 MAR 1962
OAKESON, Mark Grant16 NOV 1970
OAKESON, Megan Shaylee17 APR 2002
OAKESON, Rosemary24 JUL 1983
OAKESON, Skyler Mark3 FEB 1998
OAKESON, Sydnee May2 MAY 2005

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