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126 Individuals with the O'ROURKE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
O'ROURKE, Aed macAirt Uallaig1087
O'ROURKE, Aed macDomnail1122
O'ROURKE, Aed macFergal1015
O'ROURKE, Aed macGilla Braite1176
O'ROURKE, Aed macMáel Sechlainn1187
O'ROURKE, Aed macUalgarg
O'ROURKE, Aed Manach macTigernáin Mór1171
O'ROURKE, Amlaíb macAirt1307
O'ROURKE, Amlaíb macAirt1258
O'ROURKE, Amlaíb macFergaile1184
O'ROURKE, Ann1877
O'ROURKE, Aodh Bán manUalghairg1352
O'ROURKE, Aodh Buidhe macBriain Ballaigh1566
O'ROURKE, Aodh Buidhe macFeidhlimidh1497
O'ROURKE, Aodh Gallda macBriain Ballaigh1564
O'ROURKE, Aodh macTaidhg1465
O'ROURKE, Art Bec macAirt1260
O'ROURKE, Art macAirt1230
O'ROURKE, Art macCathail Riabaig1275
O'ROURKE, Art macDomnaill1210
O'ROURKE, Art macTaidgh na gCaor1430
O'ROURKE, Art Uallach macAeda1046
O'ROURKE, Brian Ballach macEóghain1562
O'ROURKE, Brian macTaidhg1587
O'ROURKE, Brian Ruadh macTaidhg1641
O'ROURKE, Brian Ruadh macTighearnáin óig1486
O'ROURKE, Caroline1957
O'ROURKE, Cathal Liath macTigernáin Mór
O'ROURKE, Cathal macConchobair1258
O'ROURKE, Cathal Riabach macDonnchada1236
O'ROURKE, Cathleen
O'ROURKE, Cathleen
O'ROURKE, Christopher TaylorPrivate
O'ROURKE, Conchbar Buide macAmlaíb1273
O'ROURKE, Conchobar macTigernáin1257
O'ROURKE, Congalach macFergaile
O'ROURKE, Conn macBriain Ballaigh1540
O'ROURKE, Domhnall macTaidhg1468
O'ROURKE, Domhnall macTighearnáin Mhóir1416
O'ROURKE, Domhnall macUalghairg1340
O'ROURKE, Domnall Carrach macAmlaíb1311
O'ROURKE, Domnall macCathail Léith
O'ROURKE, Domnall macConchobair1260
O'ROURKE, Domnall macFergaile
O'ROURKE, Domnall macNiall1276
O'ROURKE, Domnall macTigernáin1102
O'ROURKE, Domnall macUalgarg1108
O'ROURKE, Domnall óc macAmlaíb1274
O'ROURKE, Donnchad macAeda
O'ROURKE, Donnchadh macTighearnáin óig1449
O'ROURKE, EdwinPrivate
O'ROURKE, EdwinPrivate
O'ROURKE, Elizabeth Ardell
O'ROURKE, Eóghan macBriain Ballaigh1560
O'ROURKE, Eóghan macBriain na Múrth1589
O'ROURKE, Eóghan macFeidhlimidha1488
O'ROURKE, Eóghan macTighearnáin Mhóir1418
O'ROURKE, Eóghan macTighearnáin óig1528
O'ROURKE, Eóghan of Cartha macFeidhlimidh1588
O'ROURKE, Erin May
O'ROURKE, Fearghal macUalghairg1350
O'ROURKE, Feidhlimidh macDonnchadha1500
O'ROURKE, Feidhlimidh macFeidhlimidh1536
O'ROURKE, Fergal macAirt966
O'ROURKE, Fergal macDomnail1157
O'ROURKE, Gerald
O'ROURKE, Gilla Braite macDomnail1125
O'ROURKE, GladysPrivate
O'ROURKE, GladysPrivate
O'ROURKE, GraceABT 1866
O'ROURKE, GraceABT 1866
O'ROURKE, Johnny Ray
O'ROURKE, Joseph
O'ROURKE, Joseph Anthony19041985
O'ROURKE, Kathleen18 SEP 190012 NOV 1985
O'ROURKE, L.Private
O'ROURKE, L.Private
O'ROURKE, Laura1 AUG 190331 DEC 1972
O'ROURKE, Living
O'ROURKE, Living
O'ROURKE, Living
O'ROURKE, Living
O'ROURKE, Lochlainn mac Taidhg na gCaor1458
O'ROURKE, Lochlainn macAmlaíb1260
O'ROURKE, Máel Sechlainn macTigernáin Mór1162
O'ROURKE, Máelshechlainn macAmlaíb1274
O'ROURKE, MaudPrivate
O'ROURKE, MaudPrivate
O'ROURKE, Maureen1955
O'ROURKE, Michael10 NOV 184627 NOV 1900
O'ROURKE, Michael
O'ROURKE, Muirchertach macConchobair1260
O'ROURKE, Niall macCongalach1228
O'ROURKE, Robert JosephPrivate
O'ROURKE, Robert JosephPrivate
O'ROURKE, Ruth09 APR 1925
O'ROURKE, Shaun1951
O'ROURKE, Sitric macTigernáin Mór1165
O'ROURKE, Susan26 SEP 18547 AUG 1905
O'ROURKE, Susan26 SEP 18547 AUG 1905
O'ROURKE, Tadg macFergaile1175
O'ROURKE, Tadgh na gCaor macUalghairg1376
O'ROURKE, Tadhg macBriain Ballaigh1560
O'ROURKE, Tadhg macBriain na Múrtha1605
O'ROURKE, Tadhg macTighearnáin Mhóir1435
O'ROURKE, Tadhg óg macEóghain1520
O'ROURKE, Tadhg óg macTaidhg1583
O'ROURKE, Tadhg óg macTaidhg óig1552
O'ROURKE, Thomas20C.
O'ROURKE, Tigernán macAeda1274
O'ROURKE, Tigernán macDomnail
O'ROURKE, Tigernán macUalgarg
O'ROURKE, Tigernán Mór1172
O'ROURKE, Tighearnán Dubh macDonnchadha1487
O'ROURKE, Tighearnán macEóghain1636
O'ROURKE, Tighearnán macEóghain1508
O'ROURKE, Tighearnán Mór macUalghairg1418
O'ROURKE, Tighearnán óg macTaidhg1468
O'ROURKE, Timothy C.
O'ROURKE, Ualgarg1085
O'ROURKE, Ualgarg macCathail Léith1231
O'ROURKE, Ualgarg macDomnaill Charraig1346
O'ROURKE, Ualgharg macAodh Bán1384

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