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18 Individuals with the O'MUIREDAIG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
O'MUIREDAIG, Ailill King of Leinster871
O'MUIREDAIG, Ailill Macdúnlaing871
O'MUIREDAIG, Augaire macAilil King of Leinster917
O'MUIREDAIG, Augaire Macailill917
O'MUIREDAIG, Augaire Mactuathal978
O'MUIREDAIG, Cellach macBran Ardchenn834
O'MUIREDAIG, Dunkaing King of Leinster869
O'MUIREDAIG, Dúnkaing Mactuathal869
O'MUIREDAIG, Dúnlaing King of Leinster~1014
O'MUIREDAIG, Dúnlaing Mactuathal1014
O'MUIREDAIG, Lorcán MaccellachBEF. 848
O'MUIREDAIG, Maelcorcre ingen Dúnlaing
O'MUIREDAIG, Maelcorcre ingen Dunlaing~
O'MUIREDAIG, Muiredach macBran Ardchen
O'MUIREDAIG, Muiredach macBran Ardchenn
O'MUIREDAIG, Tuathal macAugair K. of Leinster~958
O'MUIREDAIG, Tuathal Macaugaire958
O'MUIREDAIG, Tuathal Macmuiredach854

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