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39 Individuals with the O'KEEFE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
O'KEEFE, Abigail18921939
O'KEEFE, Anna1821ABT 1921
O'KEEFE, Catharine M.SEP 20 1862
O'KEEFE, Cecelia29 JUN 193030 AUG 1994
O'KEEFE, Christopher Blake
O'KEEFE, ColeenPrivate
O'KEEFE, Daniel Bede
O'KEEFE, Daniel Merle
O'KEEFE, Darlene20 MAY 1958
O'KEEFE, Dennis
O'KEEFE, DonaldPrivate
O'KEEFE, James ThomasCA 188416 SEP 1954
O'KEEFE, JohnABT 1815ABT 1915
O'KEEFE, Kare Mathew25 MAR 1966
O'KEEFE, Karri Marie7 MAY 1970
O'KEEFE, KatePrivate
O'KEEFE, KathyABT 1930
O'KEEFE, KellyPrivate
O'KEEFE, Kevin22 FEB 1963
O'KEEFE, Kevin Daniel
O'KEEFE, Kira Ann
O'KEEFE, Living
O'KEEFE, Living
O'KEEFE, Living
O'KEEFE, Living
O'KEEFE, Living
O'KEEFE, MargaretABT 1810ABT 1910
O'KEEFE, MichaelABT 1778ABT 1878
O'KEEFE, Michael Andrew
O'KEEFE, MikePrivate
O'KEEFE, Patrick
O'KEEFE, Phoebe
O'KEEFE, Richard TimMAR 2001
O'KEEFE, Sean Leon
O'KEEFE, Shannon Rachel
O'KEEFE, Shawn

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