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24 Individuals with the O'HALLORAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
O'HALLORAN, Adele17 OCT 2001
O'HALLORAN, Alexandra Lee26 NOV 1992
O'HALLORAN, Ann-Marie Elizabeth7 OCT 1967
O'HALLORAN, Anthony William7 OCT 1963
O'HALLORAN, Bessie1888
O'HALLORAN, Caroline
O'HALLORAN, Catherine Mary9 AUG 1961
O'HALLORAN, Christopher John9 JUN 1965
O'HALLORAN, FrankABT. 1887
O'HALLORAN, Frankes18901891
O'HALLORAN, Georgia Lee30 AUG 1994
O'HALLORAN, Hayden Chistopher18 MAY 1994
O'HALLORAN, Hazel1895
O'HALLORAN, James1901
O'HALLORAN, JamesBET. 1860 - 1870
O'HALLORAN, Lorna Elizabeth6 OCT 2004
O'HALLORAN, Molly Lee27 MAY 1996
O'HALLORAN, Rory26 MAR 1998
O'HALLORAN, Sophie Lee28 AUG 2001
O'HALLORAN, William John4 OCT 1936

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