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54 Individuals with the NUTTALL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NUTTALL, Alice28 SEP 187830 AUG 1973
NUTTALL, Aubree30 JUN 1984
NUTTALL, Austin David17 DEC 1995
NUTTALL, Ben Wesley
NUTTALL, Benjamin Standring25 Feb 184029 Apr 1869
NUTTALL, Brian David23 DEC 1965
NUTTALL, Bridget19 JUL 1967
NUTTALL, Caitlin9 AUG 2000
NUTTALL, Charles1819
NUTTALL, Charles Edward26 SEP 191513 FEB 1947
NUTTALL, Christina Lynn9 OCT 1971
NUTTALL, Dau (Stillborn)18 Jan 1837
NUTTALL, David Dean31 AUG 194029 JUN 1987
NUTTALL, Dean Isaac3 SEP 191628 DEC 1998
NUTTALL, Dee George25 OCT 1978
NUTTALL, Douglas Jay
NUTTALL, Dustin Dean3 APR 1975
NUTTALL, Eleanor16481694
NUTTALL, Ellen Elizabeth
NUTTALL, George14 APR 187329 FEB 1948
NUTTALL, Hannah27 FEB 187413 SEP 1957
NUTTALL, Hayden Dee13 AUG 2001
NUTTALL, James6 JAN 188721 DEC 1887
NUTTALL, James Craig4 SEP 19459 MAY 1989
NUTTALL, Jay Brent7 JUL 1949
NUTTALL, Jeanne4 OCT 1965
NUTTALL, John16201668
NUTTALL, Kylie6 APR 2001
NUTTALL, Lewis Richard15 AUG 1976
NUTTALL, Lewis Richard4 JUL 1954
NUTTALL, Mark8 SEP 1849SEP 1903
NUTTALL, Martha Agnes18 Sep 186329 Mar 1905
NUTTALL, Mary Jane31 JAN 187212 DEC 1949
NUTTALL, Mary Jane21 Jun 184326 May 1919
NUTTALL, Mary Kaye
NUTTALL, Naomi Ann (Stephenson)7 APR 1937
NUTTALL, Patti22 SEP 1966
NUTTALL, RobertAbt 1775
NUTTALL, RobertAbt 1749
NUTTALL, Robert B.13 FEB 196314 FEB 1963
NUTTALL, Robert Kent8 JAN 1942
NUTTALL, Simeon3 OCT 18843 OCT 1969
NUTTALL, Teri Lynn20 AUG 1967
NUTTALL, Thomas11 Sep 18453 Dec 1854
NUTTALL, Thomas3 Apr 18156 Jun 1845
NUTTALL, Thomas27 DEC 188025 FEB 1881
NUTTALL, Todd Michael13 FEB 1981
NUTTALL, Tracy Glen20 AUG 1967
NUTTALL, Violet2 MAY 18826 JUL 1967
NUTTALL, William George1853
NUTTALL, Zachary Lewis6 JUL 1999

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