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1129 Individuals with the NOLAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NOLAN, Abner Jackson18581910
NOLAN, Ada14 MAR 189526 MAR 1895
NOLAN, AdaMAR 1891
NOLAN, Ada Byron30 SEP 18589 OCT 1942
NOLAN, Adams1849BEF 1860
NOLAN, AddaMAR 1895
NOLAN, AddieAPR 1890
NOLAN, Adelia
NOLAN, Adelia15 MAY 18579 NOV 1864
NOLAN, Agnes
NOLAN, Agnes A.OCT 1898
NOLAN, Agnes Grace18141884
NOLAN, Alan Jackson22 NOV 18711 JAN 1940
NOLAN, Albert
NOLAN, Albert Abner , Jr1840
NOLAN, Albert Abner , Sr14 APR 18116 JUN 1863
NOLAN, Albert H.1874
NOLAN, Albert J.1875
NOLAN, Albert Sidney18431873
NOLAN, Aletha L.
NOLAN, Alexander18881926
NOLAN, Alexandria1848BEF 1850
NOLAN, Alford1854
NOLAN, Alfred D.2 SEP 1848
NOLAN, Alice1856
NOLAN, Alice1876
NOLAN, Alice Bibb17 FEB 187110 AUG 1894
NOLAN, Alice C.1862
NOLAN, Alice Jane1905
NOLAN, Allison Rebecca
NOLAN, Alma19081981
NOLAN, Alonza Carmellia1859
NOLAN, Alonzo L.1847
NOLAN, Alvin J.Private
NOLAN, Aly1856
NOLAN, Amanda1854
NOLAN, Amanda1846
NOLAN, Amanda1868
NOLAN, Amanda Jane
NOLAN, Amanda W.1850
NOLAN, Andrew1864
NOLAN, AndrewFEB 18951924
NOLAN, Andrew
NOLAN, Andrew Chappell1868
NOLAN, Andrew Haverty30 JUL 1919
NOLAN, Andrew Haverty30 JUL 1919
NOLAN, Andrew Jackson30 APR 18301855
NOLAN, Andrew Jackson1 SEP 183227 AUG 1901
NOLAN, Andrew Jackson1847
NOLAN, Andrew W.25 NOV 187825 NOV 1924
NOLAN, Anna H.1864
NOLAN, Annabel1869
NOLAN, AnnieMAR 1891
NOLAN, Annie Laura1905
NOLAN, Annie LeeMAR 1894
NOLAN, Annie M. Campbell1878
NOLAN, Annie PathonABT 1833
NOLAN, Anthonin (Tony)
NOLAN, Anton Eric9 JUN 1956
NOLAN, Antonio Alonzo10 JAN 1845
NOLAN, Archie25 JUL 188730 SEP 1968
NOLAN, Ari19 SEP 18625 JUL 1929
NOLAN, Arin Rae19801989
NOLAN, Arnett Abner18831993
NOLAN, Arthur H.1864
NOLAN, Arthur Tarpley13 JAN 1871
NOLAN, ArtieMAY 18911964
NOLAN, Aubey James1887
NOLAN, AubreyBEF 1819
NOLAN, AugustusABT 1817
NOLAN, Authur M.6 SEP 1939
NOLAN, AvaMAY 1887
NOLAN, Avery1805
NOLAN, AwbreyABT 17421801
NOLAN, Azariah L.1853
NOLAN, B. David Atticus28 MAR 181922 JUN 1905
NOLAN, Bara Aleetha11 JAN 189728 JAN 1971
NOLAN, Barbara
NOLAN, Barbara Frances16 OCT 185514 JAN 1929
NOLAN, Beatrice19101997
NOLAN, BenAPR 1896
NOLAN, Ben Davis , Jr9 MAY 19315 SEP 2001
NOLAN, Ben Davis , Sr3 APR 19025 MAY 1986
NOLAN, BenjaminPrivate
NOLAN, BenjaminABT 1786
NOLAN, Benjamin Atticus15 SEP 18787 OCT 1956
NOLAN, Benjamin F.ABT 1842
NOLAN, Benjamin Franklin11 FEB 18631863
NOLAN, Benjamin Thomas18441864
NOLAN, Bernard
NOLAN, Bernard Clyde24 SEP 189821 SEP 1950
NOLAN, Berry
NOLAN, Beryl
NOLAN, BettieDEC 1882
NOLAN, Beulah31 AUG 189417 MAR 1970
NOLAN, Beverly LorrainePrivate
NOLAN, Billie B.Private
NOLAN, Billy
NOLAN, Billy
NOLAN, Blanche Arlene24 JUN 193411 AUG 1987
NOLAN, Blanche E.1906
NOLAN, Bobbie
NOLAN, Bobbie Jean
NOLAN, Bobbie Woodrow
NOLAN, Bonnie BabeABT. 1944
NOLAN, Bonnie Piccole1903
NOLAN, Buddy Aubrey15 SEP 185810 AUG 1897
NOLAN, Buford1900
NOLAN, C. Louisa1869
NOLAN, Callie Anita18681898
NOLAN, Carl Dean1966
NOLAN, Carl Dean1945
NOLAN, Caroline24 OCT 181330 AUG 1857
NOLAN, Caroline1856
NOLAN, Carrie Beatrice15 FEB 18946 APR 1894
NOLAN, Cary B.1862
NOLAN, Catharine Alice1854
NOLAN, Catherine1830
NOLAN, Cathleen
NOLAN, Charles
NOLAN, Charles
NOLAN, Charles Charlie J.1879
NOLAN, Charles E.1866
NOLAN, Charles Ednie Charlie18791971
NOLAN, Charles Edward19431967
NOLAN, Charley
NOLAN, Charley Harley4 FEB 1968
NOLAN, CharlottePrivate
NOLAN, Cheki11 MAY 1978
NOLAN, Chester1866
NOLAN, Chick
NOLAN, Chris
NOLAN, Christopher C.1813
NOLAN, Clara E.1905
NOLAN, Clara Earnestine24 SEP 19096 AUG 1976
NOLAN, Clarence1870
NOLAN, Clarence E.1872
NOLAN, Claude M.MAY 1885
NOLAN, Cleo Myrtle21 JUN 191113 MAR 1997
NOLAN, Cleveland Dorman8 OCT 1884
NOLAN, Clifford Monroe5 FEB 19049 APR 1979
NOLAN, Clyde
NOLAN, Clyde22 JUN 1896
NOLAN, Clyde22 JUN 1896
NOLAN, Clyde
NOLAN, Clyde1875
NOLAN, Columbus Washington1847
NOLAN, ConlinPrivate
NOLAN, Constance
NOLAN, CoraAPR 1883
NOLAN, Cora Belle1904
NOLAN, Cora E. Thassaly1904
NOLAN, Cordelia
NOLAN, Cornelie Kellie1875BEF 1880
NOLAN, Cynthia12 OCT 1840AUG 1898
NOLAN, Cynthia1832
NOLAN, Cynthia Jane25 AUG 1876NOV 1879
NOLAN, Daniel
NOLAN, Daniel1807BEF 1880
NOLAN, DanielABT 1712MAR 1761
NOLAN, Daniel1844
NOLAN, Daniel
NOLAN, Daniel H.1844
NOLAN, Daniel H.1849
NOLAN, Daniel Lavern19651965
NOLAN, Daniel N.1856
NOLAN, Darby1727
NOLAN, Darlene MariePrivate
NOLAN, Darrell Mathew1970
NOLAN, David1757AFT 1850
NOLAN, David12 OCT 18246 MAY 1891
NOLAN, David18711896
NOLAN, David
NOLAN, David AtticusMAR 1873
NOLAN, David Burch18811944
NOLAN, David H.5 MAR 187313 DEC 1943
NOLAN, David Jackson18591879
NOLAN, David PinkneyOCT 1853BEF 1905
NOLAN, David Steven1964
NOLAN, Deborah
NOLAN, Deborah
NOLAN, Deborah AnnPrivate
NOLAN, DennisAUG 1894
NOLAN, Dennis1815
NOLAN, Dennis C.1857
NOLAN, Dennis F.1853
NOLAN, Dennis JamesAPR 1880
NOLAN, Denolia11 MAR 187020 MAR 1926
NOLAN, Derek JohnPrivate
NOLAN, Dewey Carl
NOLAN, Dink13 NOV 18517 MAR 1887
NOLAN, DinkABT 1861
NOLAN, Docia Isabelle25 SEP 188228 JUL 1964
NOLAN, Dora Francis22 MAY 188516 MAY 1955
NOLAN, Dorinda A.7 JUL 1857
NOLAN, Dorothy
NOLAN, Dorothy Dale
NOLAN, Dorothy Lorene
NOLAN, Dorothy M.Private
NOLAN, Doyal Omer1892
NOLAN, Drew4 APR 190315 JUL 1988
NOLAN, Earl DavisPrivate
NOLAN, Earnest1905
NOLAN, Edgar P.AUG 1850
NOLAN, Edith11 NOV 18951978
NOLAN, Edith
NOLAN, Edith Mary Catherine3 MAR 1833
NOLAN, Edmond1849
NOLAN, Edmond N.1834
NOLAN, Edward
NOLAN, Edward BeamABT 19131986
NOLAN, Edward BeamABT 19131986
NOLAN, Edward Beam , Jr.
NOLAN, Edward Beam , Jr.
NOLAN, Edward Griffin6 APR 182824 FEB 1905
NOLAN, Edward Payton17 DEC 1874
NOLAN, Edwin Moseley24 AUG 18222 NOV 1881
NOLAN, Effie
NOLAN, EffieMAY 1896
NOLAN, Elbert A.17 APR 184725 JUN 1920
NOLAN, Elbie Bertha
NOLAN, Eldridge C.1862
NOLAN, Eli1844
NOLAN, Elihu M.1846
NOLAN, Elijah14 JAN 182517 APR 1841
NOLAN, Elijah1828
NOLAN, ElizaMAR 1900
NOLAN, Eliza1837
NOLAN, Eliza1834
NOLAN, Eliza Lane
NOLAN, Eliza Texana18631928
NOLAN, Elizabeth22 JUL 17992 SEP 1888
NOLAN, ElizabethABT 1751
NOLAN, Elizabeth
NOLAN, Elizabeth1754
NOLAN, ElizabethSEP 1866
NOLAN, Elizabeth18101880
NOLAN, Elizabeth3 JUN 1837

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