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43 Individuals with the NEPRUD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NEPRUD, Albin M.12 SEP 191211 FEB 2001
NEPRUD, Alf16 DEC 189117 DEC 1918
NEPRUD, Alice Maline15 OCT 189929 NOV 1969
NEPRUD, Andrine
NEPRUD, Anna Marie16 SEP 1880
NEPRUD, Anna Marie24 JAN 1882
NEPRUD, Anton1857
NEPRUD, Bergette
NEPRUD, Bergithe Nilsen18561926
NEPRUD, Chester Orlando23 APR 19011 DEC 1975
NEPRUD, Christian4 SEP 18181884
NEPRUD, Deanna
NEPRUD, EleanorABT 1921
NEPRUD, Esther1 OCT 1896
NEPRUD, Herbert L5 SEP 190521 MAY 1988
NEPRUD, Herbert LeRoy5 SEP 190521 MAY 1988
NEPRUD, Julia Nilsen
NEPRUD, Lincoln19 AUG 1898JAN 1972
NEPRUD, Marguerite L.ABT 1918
NEPRUD, Martha11 MAY 1884
NEPRUD, Martinus
NEPRUD, Mathea
NEPRUD, Michael
NEPRUD, Niels1859
NEPRUD, Nils Hanson
NEPRUD, Nora6 FEB 1887
NEPRUD, Orrin L.24 NOV 191631 JUL 2001
NEPRUD, PaulABT 1926
NEPRUD, Ruth16 APR 1894
NEPRUD, Selmer22 JUN 1889
NEPRUD, Serenus N.10 JUL 185612 SEP 1901
NEPRUD, Sheri Jean27 JUL 1944
NEPRUD, Styrk Herbert18 FEB 19341 JUN 1934
NEPRUD, Styrk Herbert18 FEB 19341 JUN 1934
NEPRUD, Tenny20 SEP 1903JUL 1986
NEPRUD, Terry Clayton11 FEB 1942
NEPRUD, TheodoreABT 1872
NEPRUD, Trygve Styrk27 JUN 1935

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