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18 Individuals with the NAGLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NAGLEY, Barbara
NAGLEY, Christina18 SEP 1755
NAGLEY, Christina Negley23 DEC 1784
NAGLEY, David22 AUG 179529 AUG 1837
NAGLEY, Elias23 DEC 1793
NAGLEY, Elizabeth19 OCT 1799
NAGLEY, Elizabeth Nagely20 SEP 175711 APR 1843
NAGLEY, George20 JUL 1759
NAGLEY, George15 MAR 179010 NOV 1849
NAGLEY, Henry14 NOV 178921 APR 1845
NAGLEY, John A.22 NOV 17868 SEP 1850
NAGLEY, Joseph or Jacob1792
NAGLEY, Margaret1763
NAGLEY, Margaret1806
NAGLEY, Paulser3 SEP 18043 MAR 1892
NAGLEY, Sampson13 MAY 18021 OCT 1857
NAGLEY, Sarah14 JAN 1764ABT SEP 1841
NAGLEY, Zebadee10 OCT 18061 SEP 1886

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