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284 Individuals with the MERTENS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MERTENS, Adelia11 FEB 1862AFT 1886
MERTENS, Adriaen Peter AdriaenBEF 1590
MERTENS, AleydaWFT Est 1613-1638WFT Est 1663-1725
MERTENS, AleydaWFT Est 1613-1638WFT Est 1663-1725
MERTENS, Alfons25 APR 1899AFT 1923
MERTENS, Alice Lucille1 Sep 1934
MERTENS, Alice Lucille1 Sep 1934
MERTENS, Alphonsus2 DEC 1875AFT 1930
MERTENS, Amelia18 JAN 1865
MERTENS, Anna10 JAN 1704
MERTENS, Anna24 Sep 1748
MERTENS, Anna Catharina
MERTENS, Anna Catharina25 JUL 1792
MERTENS, Anna Catharina
MERTENS, Anna CatharinaABT 178327 JAN 1829
MERTENS, Anna Maria19 MAY 1792
MERTENS, Anna Maria6 AUG 1753
MERTENS, Anna Maria28 SEP 1785
MERTENS, Anna Maria1 MAR 1800
MERTENS, Anna MariaBEF 1875
MERTENS, Anna MariaABT 187724 MAY 1907
MERTENS, Anna Maria9 APR 1831
MERTENS, Anna Maria10 Jan 175817 Nov 1780
MERTENS, Anna Maria ElisabethABT 1797BEF 1861
MERTENS, Anna Maria Joanna16 FEB 176512 NOV 1808
MERTENS, Anthonius9 OCT 1742AFT 1788
MERTENS, Antonetta17 APR 1790
MERTENS, Antonia22 APR 1762
MERTENS, AntoniusBEF 1836
MERTENS, Arnoldus26 MAY 1763
MERTENS, Barbara
MERTENS, Barbara
MERTENS, BarbaraBEF 1822
MERTENS, Barbara Alice31 JUL 190630 DEC 1908
MERTENS, Barbara Jean
MERTENS, Barbe Elisabeth IsabelleABT 175515 JAN 1832
MERTENS, Blondina17 OCT 1911AFT 1930
MERTENS, Brianna Nicole
MERTENS, Brittany Marie
MERTENS, Bruce Allan
MERTENS, Carolina29 JAN 18938 JUN 1896
MERTENS, Caroline
MERTENS, Carolus17 JAN 1803BEF 1861
MERTENS, CatharinaABT 168423 FEB 1772
MERTENS, Catharina5 DEC 1868
MERTENS, Catharina17 JUN 1786
MERTENS, Catharina2 SEP 1774
MERTENS, CatharinaAFT 1768
MERTENS, Catharina Elisabeth
MERTENS, Catharina Maria11 FEB 189727 FEB 1897
MERTENS, Catharina Theresia22 MAY 1791
MERTENS, Clara7 APR 1768
MERTENS, Clementine15 JAN 1916AFT 1930
MERTENS, Constant22 NOV 1895AFT 1930
MERTENS, Cornelia
MERTENS, CorneliusABT 1800/1802AFT 1866
MERTENS, Cornelius13 JUN 1876AFT 1899
MERTENS, Cornelius24 JAN 190817 JAN 1925
MERTENS, Cornely2 SEP 16968 NOV 1779
MERTENS, Delbert
MERTENS, Dennis1959
MERTENS, Dennis1959
MERTENS, Edith Carmen9 Jul 1880
MERTENS, Egidius16 OCT 1758
MERTENS, Egidius3 FEB 1768AFT 1809
MERTENS, EguidiusABT 179424 JAN 1838
MERTENS, Elisabeth25 APR 1689
MERTENS, Elisabeth5 APR 17258 DEC 1791
MERTENS, Elisabeth25 MAR 1764
MERTENS, Elisabeth
MERTENS, Elsie Lorraine24 Oct 1931
MERTENS, Elsie Lorraine24 Oct 1931
MERTENS, Emilius Josephus6 OCT 1905AFT 1930
MERTENS, Florentia6 OCT 1880AFT 1930
MERTENS, Francisca Adelia
MERTENS, Franciscus5 AUG 18832 SEP 1926
MERTENS, Franciscus25 MAY 1900AFT 1900
MERTENS, Franciscus28 SEP 18024 DEC 1863
MERTENS, Franciscus16 NOV 17896 FEB 1867
MERTENS, Franciscus21 JAN 1797
MERTENS, Franciscus Ludovicus15 MAY 1892AFT 1930
MERTENS, Frans16 MAR 191410 SEP 1914
MERTENS, FransABT 1864AFT 1923
MERTENS, Gaspard20 SEP 1781
MERTENS, Gerardus11 JAN 1768
MERTENS, Gerardus28 NOV 1769
MERTENS, Germaine
MERTENS, Gertrude30 AUG 1791
MERTENS, Gertrude8 AUG 1768
MERTENS, GertrudisABT 17956 DEC 1832
MERTENS, Gillis25 APR 1781AFT 1820
MERTENS, GuilielmusBEF 1905
MERTENS, Guilielmus24 APR 187017 JAN 1925
MERTENS, HendrikBEF 1907
MERTENS, Henri8 APR 1949
MERTENS, Henricus27 FEB 1693
MERTENS, Henricus27 JUN 188324 JAN 1886
MERTENS, Henricus10 FEB 1765
MERTENS, HenricusABT 1757AFT 1802
MERTENS, Henry Stephen23 Sep 1930
MERTENS, Henry Stephen23 Sep 1930
MERTENS, Hortensia23 MAR 1901AFT 1930
MERTENS, JacobusBEF 1829
MERTENS, Jacobus JosephusABT 180427 FEB 1858
MERTENS, Jacobus Petrus24 JUN 185823 MAY 1928
MERTENS, Jacques
MERTENS, Jan25 MAY 1911AFT 1930
MERTENS, Jan Andries
MERTENS, Jan Baptist7 NOV 1900AFT 1927
MERTENS, Jan Franciscus25 SEP 1796
MERTENS, Janice Eileen4 Dec 1928
MERTENS, Janice Eileen4 Dec 1928
MERTENS, Janie Lea18 DEC 1950
MERTENS, Jean Roger12 FEB 192219 MAR 1922
MERTENS, Joanna3 MAR 1900AFT 1930
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina16 MAY 1872
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina13 JAN 1914AFT 1930
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina1 JAN 179022 APR 1871
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina29 AUG 183311 SEP 1833
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina4 OCT 1835
MERTENS, Joanna CatharinaAFT 1836
MERTENS, Joanna CatharinaBEF 1927
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina12 JAN 1791
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina15 MAR 1878AFT 1930
MERTENS, Joanna Catharina10 DEC 1827AFT 1900
MERTENS, Joanna MariaABT 1800
MERTENS, Joanna Maria15 SEP 1766
MERTENS, Joanna Maria23 APR 1750
MERTENS, Joanna Maria12 May 1874
MERTENS, Joanna RosaliaABT 1830AFT 1901
MERTENS, Joannes3 FEB 1886AFT 1930
MERTENS, Joannes15 JUL 1653BEF 1724
MERTENS, Joannes1 SEP 1686
MERTENS, Joannes8 JAN 183814 JAN 1925
MERTENS, Joannes12 MAY 1917AFT 1930
MERTENS, Joannes31 MAY 1632MAY 1668
MERTENS, Joannes
MERTENS, JoannesABT 1865AFT 1899
MERTENS, Joannes Alphonsus
MERTENS, Joannes Baptist22 MAR 1867AFT 1930
MERTENS, Joannes Baptist31 OCT 1875AFT 1890
MERTENS, Joannes BaptistABT 1727AFT 1805
MERTENS, Joannes BaptistABT 1804AFT 1856
MERTENS, Joannes BaptistABT 1761AFT 1827/1839
MERTENS, Joannes Baptista7 MAR 1796
MERTENS, Joannes Baptiste16 OCT 1751
MERTENS, Joannes FranciscusABT 1840AFT 1902
MERTENS, Joannes Franciscus5 DEC 182710 DEC 1827
MERTENS, Joannes Franciscus26 DEC 18286 MAR 1902
MERTENS, Joannes FranciscusABT 1764AFT 1827
MERTENS, Joannes Franciscus1 JUL 1832BEF 1925
MERTENS, Joannes Franciscus5 MAY 1760
MERTENS, Johanna
MERTENS, Josefina
MERTENS, Joseph Gerhard15 MAR 1994
MERTENS, Josephus31 JUL 184614 MAY 1926
MERTENS, Josephus Antonius13 DEC 185324 APR 1895
MERTENS, Joshua Allan
MERTENS, Joyce Marie
MERTENS, Jozef Hendrik3 JAN 1903AFT 1930
MERTENS, Judoca Suzanna27 MAY 1729
MERTENS, JudocusABT 1760AFT 1834
MERTENS, Judocus1 FEB 1870AFT 1930
MERTENS, Judocus27 MAY 1784
MERTENS, Karel Jozef10 JUN 1869AFT 1930
MERTENS, Karl August1 Aug 1883
MERTENS, Katheleijn Adriaen
MERTENS, Kevin21-08-1979
MERTENS, Leonardus13 MAR 187128 OCT 1899
MERTENS, Lucien Philippe24 DEC 1926AFT 1930
MERTENS, Ludovica Maria7 AUG 1894AFT 1900
MERTENS, Ludovica Maria14 JAN 18738 SEP 1915
MERTENS, Ludovicus1 OCT 187417 OCT 1874
MERTENS, Ludovicus25 MAY 1890AFT 1930
MERTENS, Madeleine Hortensia3 NOV 1929AFT 1930
MERTENS, Magdalena
MERTENS, MaKenzie26 SEP 2001
MERTENS, Marcia22 Mar 1952
MERTENS, Marcia22 Mar 1952
MERTENS, Margiet Peter Adriaen
MERTENS, Maria26 AUG 1815
MERTENS, Maria8 MAY 1863
MERTENS, Maria AnnaBEF 1778/1809
MERTENS, Maria Antonia Clementia15 JAN 1888AFT 1890
MERTENS, Maria Catharina11 OCT 1904AFT 1926
MERTENS, Maria Catharina8 DEC 1793
MERTENS, Maria Catharina7 FEB 1755
MERTENS, Maria Elisabeth8 NOV 182011 NOV 1899
MERTENS, Maria ElisabethBEF 1871
MERTENS, Maria Elisabeth23 DEC 1769
MERTENS, Maria Elisabeth1 APR 1695FEB 1728
MERTENS, Maria Francisca11 OCT 1788
MERTENS, Maria Hendrik RosaPrivate
MERTENS, Maria Hendrik RosaPrivate
MERTENS, Maria Louisa15 NOV 1877AFT 1930
MERTENS, Maria Louisa Augusta12 NOV 1930AFT 1930
MERTENS, Maria Ludovica
MERTENS, Maria Ludovica15 MAR 1862
MERTENS, Maria Ludovica21 MAY 1909AFT 1931
MERTENS, Maria Ludovica
MERTENS, Maria LudovicaAFT 1917
MERTENS, Maria Nathalia2 SEP 1871AFT 1928
MERTENS, Maria Nathalie1 APR 1849
MERTENS, Maria Rosa8 Jun 1775
MERTENS, Maria Theresia4 NOV 1902AFT 1923
MERTENS, Maria Theresia27 MAY 1869
MERTENS, Maria Theresia7 AUG 18309 SEP 1896
MERTENS, Maria Theresia1826/1831
MERTENS, Maria Wivina
MERTENS, Marianna4 AUG 1788
MERTENS, Marianne
MERTENS, Marie Elisabeth27 FEB 18561 JAN 1891
MERTENS, Marie Ludovica28 NOV 1872AFT 1930
MERTENS, Mauritz4 SEP 1923AFT 1930
MERTENS, Maximilianus
MERTENS, Maximilien16 MAR 1783
MERTENS, Michael Douglas
MERTENS, Michael FranciscusABT 17436 Sep 1784
MERTENS, Michael Thomas2004
MERTENS, Michiel Frans31 Oct 177113 Jul 1840
MERTENS, MoniqueABT 1825AFT 1876
MERTENS, Mort18 SEP 187918 SEP 1879
MERTENS, Nathalie28 OCT 1866
MERTENS, Nathalie Blondina23 DEC 1885AFT 1930
MERTENS, Nicolaus17 APR 1794
MERTENS, Paul Vincent9 Mar 1933
MERTENS, Paul Vincent9 Mar 1933
MERTENS, Peeter Jacques

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