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32 Individuals with the MCDOLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MCDOLE, Bessie MayABT 1915
MCDOLE, Betty Lee16 MAR 1940
MCDOLE, BusterABT 1919
MCDOLE, Clemon Tine "Pete"24 Oct 1926
MCDOLE, Dileys Courtney Peterson15 OCT 1983
MCDOLE, Dillan1914
MCDOLE, Donnie
MCDOLE, Ettie Leonadis7 Jul 190718 Jan 1994
MCDOLE, Gladys
MCDOLE, James Calvin19 May 19129 Mar 1990
MCDOLE, James Christopher Columbus "Jim"17 Sep 188314 Jun 1928
MCDOLE, Kathleen
MCDOLE, Kathleen
MCDOLE, Laura Louise
MCDOLE, Lela M.31 MAR 188117 AUG 1962
MCDOLE, Levena Flosey6 Feb 192131 Aug 1992
MCDOLE, Lorena Alcephus31 Oct 1908
MCDOLE, Maggie Cleo12 APR 1915
MCDOLE, Marlin2 Dec 189423 Jun 1964
MCDOLE, Myrtle Ethleen28 Jul 191711 Dec 1995
MCDOLE, Reba Louise1 Mar 1924
MCDOLE, Rebecca Diane [Becky]
MCDOLE, Stella Mae12 Aug 1915
MCDOLE, Tommy Lee
MCDOLE, Veda Beatrice15 Nov 190626 Feb 1982
MCDOLE, William David

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