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35 Individuals with the MACEDO Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MACEDO, Alexandre deAPR 1710
MACEDO, Alexandre deApr 1710
MACEDO, Ana Rosa deApr 1770BEF 1814
MACEDO, Ana Rosa deEST 1771
MACEDO, Ana Rosa deAPR 1770BEF 1814
MACEDO, Antâonia deApr 1722
MACEDO, Antâonia deAPR 1722
MACEDO, Antâonio7 Nov 1750
MACEDO, Antâonio7 NOV 1750
MACEDO, Antâonio de AbreuApr 1688
MACEDO, Antâonio de AbreuAPR 1688
MACEDO, Antâonio Joäao Spinola deApr 1730
MACEDO, Antâonio Joäao Spinola deAPR 1730
MACEDO, Atanazia deApr 1700
MACEDO, Atanazia deAPR 1700
MACEDO, Catarina Pestana deApr 1699
MACEDO, Catarina Pestana deAPR 1699
MACEDO, Felicia de JesusEST 1748
MACEDO, Gaspar de Abreu eApr 1647
MACEDO, Gaspar de Abreu eAPR 1647
MACEDO, Joäao de AbreuApr 1728
MACEDO, Joäao de AbreuAPR 1728
MACEDO, Joana Rosa de1780
MACEDO, Joana Rosa de1780
MACEDO, Julian Onofre25 MAR 1994
MACEDO, Manuel11 SEP 1749
MACEDO, Manuel11 Sep 1749
MACEDO, Manuel de Abreu deEST 1728
MACEDO, Maria de AbreuApr 1627
MACEDO, Maria de AbreuAPR 1627
MACEDO, Paula deAPR 1683
MACEDO, Paula deApr 1683
MACEDO, Rui Gomes deAPR 1690
MACEDO, Rui Gomes deApr 1690
MACEDO, Valdeci21 SEP 1971

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