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22 Individuals with the MABBET Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MABBET, Anne?? JAN 1687
MABBET, Catherine4 OCT 1690
MABBET, Dorathy12 OCT 1677
MABBET, Edward
MABBET, Edward23 AUG 1696
MABBET, Elizabeth1 APR 1693
MABBET, Elizabeth14 DEC 1703
MABBET, Hanah9 NOV 1700
MABBET, Henry12 FEB 1704
MABBET, James17 MAR 1712
MABBET, Jane20 JUN 1695
MABBET, Jane25 JAN 1735
MABBET, Joel17 JAN 1685
MABBET, John22 JUL 1665
MABBET, Levy26 MAY 1706
MABBET, Mary5 MAY 1699
MABBET, Richard12 MAR 1663
MABBET, Richard1 NOV 1697
MABBET, Samuel21 NOV 1738
MABBET, Simmeon21 AUG 1670
MABBET, Stephen30 MAR 1708
MABBET, William17 AUG 1746

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