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36 Individuals with the MAASSEN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MAASSEN, Anna Elisabeth24 Jun 176717 Oct 1839
MAASSEN, Barbara1 Dec 17933 May 1825
MAASSEN, Catharina14 Mar 1717
MAASSEN, Catharina Elisabeth16 Mar 1796
MAASSEN, Catharina Elisabeth
MAASSEN, Conrardus17 Mar 174720 Jun 1804
MAASSEN, Elisabeth5 Dec 1751
MAASSEN, Gerardus1 Jan 1714
MAASSEN, Gertrudis15 Feb 174624 Feb 1746
MAASSEN, Gertrudis24 Apr 17507 Oct 1750
MAASSEN, Gertrudis25 Nov 175729 Jan 1838
MAASSEN, Hendrikus173220 Oct 1828
MAASSEN, Hermanus2 Jan 176128 Jan 1809
MAASSEN, Hermanus2 Jan 1780
MAASSEN, Joannes20 Jun 178123 Sep 1859
MAASSEN, Joannes26 Mar 1772
MAASSEN, Joannes3 Mar 175616 Mar 1756
MAASSEN, Joannes28 Feb 1712
MAASSEN, Joannes26 Jun 176412 Nov 1800
MAASSEN, Johanna Elisabeth Maria (An)25-APR-1927
MAASSEN, Lambertus176814 May 1828
MAASSEN, Lambertus
MAASSEN, Leonardus
MAASSEN, Maria Elisabeth27 Mar 177730 Sep 1839
MAASSEN, Mathias10 Sep 17518 Mar 1841
MAASSEN, Mathias11 Dec 177411 May 1838
MAASSEN, Mechtildis19 Mar 175424 Jan 1811
MAASSEN, Mechtildis
MAASSEN, Petronella
MAASSEN, Petrus11 Feb 172220 Sep 1803
MAASSEN, Petrus17 Nov 17691 Jun 1811
MAASSEN, Pieter24 Jul 1805
MAASSEN, Richardus12 Mar 171626 Apr 1716
MAASSEN, Richardus25 Feb 172019 Nov 1774
MAASSEN, Thomas20 Jul 171025 Dec 1776

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