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21 Individuals with the MAAG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MAAG, Anna Barbara03 MAR 174609 DEC 1793
MAAG, Anna Catharina
MAAG, Anna Maria12 MAR 177021 OCT 1813
MAAG, Christiane24 DEC 1829
MAAG, Dorothea12 MAY 1821
MAAG, Francise
MAAG, Francise
MAAG, Frederika1880/81
MAAG, Huberti
MAAG, Jakob Adam06 JUN 1820
MAAG, Johann Friedrich06 SEP 1789
MAAG, Johann GeorgBEF 14 APR 1768
MAAG, Johann JacobBEF 12 NOV 1840
MAAG, Johann Jacob
MAAG, Johann JakobBEF 1848
MAAG, Johann Ludwig25 MAR 181922 MAY 1837
MAAG, Johannes
MAAG, Lisa
MAAG, Lisa
MAAG, Maria4 AUG 1807
MAAG, Maria Catharina

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