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84 Individuals with the KOELLING Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KOELLING, Alan Frederick
KOELLING, Albert Frederich Wilhelm8 FEB 189611 NOV 1944
KOELLING, Alexis Korynne
KOELLING, Alma Louise Anna23 AUG 18933 APR 1974
KOELLING, Ann Michelle
KOELLING, Anna Catherine Henriette17 NOV 188630 AUG 1954
KOELLING, Anna Marie Wilhelmine4 Jan 1848
KOELLING, Anne Marie Charlotte16 NOV 1789
KOELLING, Anne Marie Charlotte2 JUN 1806
KOELLING, Anne Marie Ilsebein26 FEB 179114 OCT 1863
KOELLING, Anne Marie Ilsebein20 FEB 1804
KOELLING, Anne Marie Louise10 MAY 185323 OCT 1934
KOELLING, Anne Marie Louise2 JUL 18633 OCT 1863
KOELLING, Anne Marie Sophie21 FEB 185513 DEC 1855
KOELLING, Anne Marie Sophie Charlotte25 OCT 1816
KOELLING, Anne Sophie Louise21 MAR 1826
KOELLING, Anne Sophie Louise23 JAN 187520 OCT 1928
KOELLING, Anton Heinrich2 JAN 1797
KOELLING, August27 AUG 19001 JUL 1907
KOELLING, Barbara Jean
KOELLING, Brenda Kay
KOELLING, Brian Paul
KOELLING, Carl Friedrich17 MAR 1802
KOELLING, Carl Friedrich18 APR 181115 MAR 1812
KOELLING, Christ (Christian Heinrich Friedrich)3 NOV 18581 JUN 1939
KOELLING, Christian
KOELLING, Christian Friedrich18 MAR 182819 MAR 1874
KOELLING, Christopher Andrew
KOELLING, Clara10 OCT 18892 MAY 1978
KOELLING, David (Heinrich Gottlieb Fred. David)30 JUN 18919 MAR 1892
KOELLING, Donald Frederick30 OCT 19227 MAR 1972
KOELLING, Elizabeth Helen Louise
KOELLING, Emilie7 AUG 19035 MAR 1977
KOELLING, Evan Michael
KOELLING, Frances Minnie Clara Bertha25 JUN 190623 MAR 1976
KOELLING, FredJun 1874
KOELLING, Fred23 JUL 187124 SEP 1933
KOELLING, Fred (Carl Frederich Louis)23 NOV 188412 DEC 1889
KOELLING, Friedrich Hermann22 JUL 187022 JAN 1949
KOELLING, Friedrich Wilhelm3 JAN 183418 JAN 1834
KOELLING, Gladys Arlene28 MAR 19429 NOV 1942
KOELLING, Guy Emerson
KOELLING, Harry Heinrich Carl Louis21 FEB 190523 DEC 1982
KOELLING, Henry11 SEP 1975
KOELLING, Henry (Heinrich Hermann)9 APR 186129 APR 1936
KOELLING, Hermann Henry Fred19 Nov 1864
KOELLING, James Richard
KOELLING, Johan Carl Heinrich21 SEP 18213 MAR 1830
KOELLING, Johan Heinrich Herman20 FEB 176610 MAR 1842
KOELLING, Johan Heinrich Herman3 JAN 1834
KOELLING, Johanna Elizabeth Alwina5 MAR 189926 FEB 1978
KOELLING, John Albert
KOELLING, Karl Friedrich Hermann19 SEP 185622 SEP 1916
KOELLING, Karl Heinrich Ferdinand17 MAR 18239 DEC 1877
KOELLING, Laurie Jeanne
KOELLING, Louis4 SEP 190814 OCT 1950
KOELLING, Louis Carl Frederich3 MAR 189813 AUG 1957
KOELLING, Louise Elizabeth Amelia29 JAN 1870
KOELLING, Lydia13 SEP 18978 MAR 1970
KOELLING, Malinda4 JUL 189028 SEP 1985
KOELLING, Margaret Ann
KOELLING, Mary25 APR 19064 FEB 1909
KOELLING, Mary (Martha Charlotte Marie)16 DEC 188829 FEB 1972
KOELLING, Paul12 AUG 1970
KOELLING, Paul Louis Heinrich6 DEC 190119 MAR 1990
KOELLING, Robert Alan
KOELLING, Ruth Marilyn
KOELLING, Shirley Eleanor
KOELLING, Sophie Louise Charlotte13 DEC 1793
KOELLING, Tearsa Marie
KOELLING, William15 JUL 189719 JUL 1961
KOELLING, Wyatt Emerson

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