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176 Individuals with the KJøLLER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KJøLLER, Albert TerchildsenABT. 1675UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Albine MargretheABT. 1840UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Anders Jørgensen17681768
KJøLLER, Anders Jørgensen1775UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Ane Elisabeth30 Oct 1825UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Ane Kirstine1792AFT. 1845
KJøLLER, Ane MargretheABT. 18014 Jul 1848
KJøLLER, Anne ClausdatterABT. 16331710
KJøLLER, Anne Dorothea Jørgensdatter17701770
KJøLLER, Anne Margrethe Hansdatter1781UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Anne Pedersdatter17161722
KJøLLER, Anne Rasmusdatter17101711
KJøLLER, Bartha HansdatterABT. 16831737
KJøLLER, Bendt Olsen17431799
KJøLLER, Bendt Rasmussen16951758
KJøLLER, Bendt Rasmussen17581811
KJøLLER, Bendte MogensdatterABT. 16781708
KJøLLER, Birgitte TerchildsdatterABT. 1681AFT. 1741
KJøLLER, Bodil Hansdatter17191768
KJøLLER, Bodil Kirstine Svendsdatter17561756
KJøLLER, Boe ClausenABT. 1732AFT. 1760
KJøLLER, Boel Clausdatter16911696
KJøLLER, Boel Hansdatter16871689
KJøLLER, Boel Pedersdatter1718UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Boel Rasmusdatter17041783
KJøLLER, Caroline PetreaABT. 1836UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Cathrine SimonsdatterABT. 16551710
KJøLLER, Charlotte Margrethe Hansdatter30 Jul 18022 Jul 1861
KJøLLER, ChristenABT. 16301633
KJøLLER, Christian IbsenABT. 1670AFT. 1715
KJøLLER, Christian Pedersen17131722
KJøLLER, Christian Pedersen1725UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Christopher Pedersen1719UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Claus HansenABT. 1761UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Claus Hansen16881688
KJøLLER, Claus PeterABT. 1767UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Claus Rasmussen16981760
KJøLLER, Claus TerchildsenABT. 16601714
KJøLLER, Didrich Jørgensen17541754
KJøLLER, Didrich Jørgensen17551788
KJøLLER, Didrich Terchildsen1755UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Ditlev ThomasenABT. 1762UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Elisabeth Caroline12 Feb 183715 Sep 1903
KJøLLER, Elisabeth Pedersdatter17081743
KJøLLER, Elisabeth SvendsdatterABT. 1741AFT. 1787
KJøLLER, Elsebeth ClausdatterABT. 16471726
KJøLLER, Elsebeth Kirstine ThomasdatterABT. 1764UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Fridericha Margrethe SvendsdatterABT. 17541788
KJøLLER, Giertrud Cathrine Hansdatter1800UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Giertrud Margrethe Jørgensdatter1762AFT. 1791
KJøLLER, HansABT. 16421689
KJøLLER, Hans18121860/1870
KJøLLER, Hans1744BEF. 1773
KJøLLER, HansABT. 1842AFT. 1884
KJøLLER, Hans Andreas2 Jul 1830UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Hans ClausenABT. 17351 Jan 1767
KJøLLER, Hans Hansen17421810
KJøLLER, Hans Hansen1787UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Hans HansenABT. 16911763
KJøLLER, Hans Hansen17181753
KJøLLER, Hans IbsenABT. 16771736
KJøLLER, Hans Jørgensen1759AFT. 1791
KJøLLER, Hans JensenABT. 16201691
KJøLLER, Hans Jensen17561756
KJøLLER, Hans LarsenABT. 16351704
KJøLLER, Hans Mogensen1800UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Hans MortensenABT. 1788UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Hans Pedersen1711AFT. 1739
KJøLLER, Hans Rasmussen16991702
KJøLLER, Hans Rasmussen1743ABT. 1793
KJøLLER, Hans SvendsenABT. 17431 Jul 1806
KJøLLER, Hans TerchildsenABT. 16691739
KJøLLER, Henning TerchildsenABT. 16611738
KJøLLER, Henrich MogensenABT. 16741727
KJøLLER, Jørgen Didrichsen17252 Jul 1787
KJøLLER, Jørgen HansenABT. 17111719
KJøLLER, Jørgen Jørgensen177114 Mar 1791
KJøLLER, Jørgen SvendsenABT. 17401768
KJøLLER, Jens Hansen17411768
KJøLLER, Jens HansenABT. 16791756
KJøLLER, Jens Jensen17141758
KJøLLER, Jens MogensenABT. 1796UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Jens MortensenABT. 17381786
KJøLLER, JeppeABT. 16381715
KJøLLER, Karen ClausdatterABT. 16361693
KJøLLER, Karen Jensdatter1757UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Karen Kirstine Hansdatter1777UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Karen MarieABT. 1850UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Karen Pedersdatter17081777
KJøLLER, Karen Rasmusdatter16941768
KJøLLER, Kirsten Hansdatter17311804
KJøLLER, Kirstine HansdatterABT. 1759AFT. 1801
KJøLLER, Kirstine MargretheABT. 1791ABT. 1839
KJøLLER, Kirstine Margrethe Jørgensdatter1785UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Kirstine Pedersdatter1724UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Kirstine Rasmusdatter17121779
KJøLLER, Kirstine Sophie Hansdatter1779UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Magnus PeterABT. 1838UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Margrethe ClausdatterABT. 1630Feb 1711
KJøLLER, Margrethe HansdatterABT. 16791755
KJøLLER, Margrethe HansdatterABT. 1755UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Margrethe MogensdatterABT. 16581689
KJøLLER, Margrethe Pedersdatter17061734
KJøLLER, Margrethe TerchildsdatterABT. 16711748
KJøLLER, Marie Lisabeth Hansdatter1784UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Mette Jensdatter1752AFT. 1787
KJøLLER, Michel Olsen17401773
KJøLLER, MogensABT. 16261685
KJøLLER, MogensABT. 18031837
KJøLLER, Mogens1802AFT. 1840
KJøLLER, Mogens HansenABT. 1768AFT. 1801
KJøLLER, Mogens HansenABT. 1768AFT. 1801
KJøLLER, Mogens Terchildsen16899 Apr 1715
KJøLLER, Morten Hansen17351738
KJøLLER, Morten Hansen1739AFT. 1769
KJøLLER, Morten HansenABT. 16861764
KJøLLER, Morten PedersenABT. 17641840
KJøLLER, Morten Pedersen11 Feb 1829UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Mourits Rasmussen17571830
KJøLLER, Niels MortensenABT. 1790AFT. 1845
KJøLLER, Nielsine Christine27 Oct 1839
KJøLLER, OleABT. 1845
KJøLLER, Ole Bendtsen17681799
KJøLLER, Ole Jørgensen17651767
KJøLLER, Ole Jørgensen1787UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Ole Rasmussen17011767
KJøLLER, Ole SvendsenABT. 17421763
KJøLLER, Peder Andreas1806UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Peder Bendtsen1769UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Peder Hansen1737AFT. 1787
KJøLLER, Peder Hansen1752UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Peder HansenABT. 16771751
KJøLLER, Peder HansenABT. 16761706
KJøLLER, Peder HansenABT. 17331791
KJøLLER, Peder Jensen17121762
KJøLLER, Peder Morten14 Dec 18451911
KJøLLER, Peder Mortensen17291815
KJøLLER, Peder MortensenABT. 1796UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Peder Olsen1738UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Peder TerchildsenABT. 16791752
KJøLLER, Poul AnthoniABT. 1784UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, RasmusABT. 16401714
KJøLLER, Rasmus Bendtsen17741815
KJøLLER, Rasmus Bendtsen1727AFT. 1801
KJøLLER, Rasmus MouritsenABT. 1787UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Rasmus MouritsenABT. 17191783
KJøLLER, Rasmus Olsen1733UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Rasmus PedersenABT. 1715AFT. 1739
KJøLLER, Rasmus Pedersen17151755
KJøLLER, Seigne ClausdatterABT. 16271690
KJøLLER, Seigne ClausdatterABT. 16541714
KJøLLER, Sidsel Bendtsdatter1771UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Sidsele Hansdatter17331738
KJøLLER, Sidsele Hansdatter1744UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Sidsele HansdatterABT. 1685BEF. 1694
KJøLLER, SimonABT. 1625AFT. 1655
KJøLLER, Simon TerchildsenABT. 16771743
KJøLLER, Sophie Cathrine Hansdatter1782UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Susanne ClausdatterABT. 1738AFT. 1801
KJøLLER, Susanne Hansdatter17661814
KJøLLER, Susanne Rasmusdatter17071758
KJøLLER, Svend HansenABT. 1773UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Svend Jørgensen16881756
KJøLLER, TerchildABT. 16231690
KJøLLER, Terchild Pedersen17121787
KJøLLER, Terchild Stephansen17155 Aug 1768
KJøLLER, Thomas ClausenABT. 173428 Jan 1769
KJøLLER, Thomas JacobsenABT. 1783UNKNOWN
KJøLLER, Valborg Hansdatter17461768

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