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37 Individuals with the KEPPEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KEPPEL, Anne18031844
KEPPEL, Anne Lady18031844
KEPPEL, Anne Marie180322 JUL 1844
KEPPEL, Augustus17251786
KEPPEL, Augustus Frederick2 JUN 179415 MAR 1851
KEPPEL, Caroline17371769
KEPPEL, Edward George28 JUN 184729 NOV 1934
KEPPEL, Elizabeth17391768
KEPPEL, Elizabeth of Tavistock17391768
KEPPEL, Evelyn Maud15 APR 188716 APR 1945
KEPPEL, Florence Cecilia24 FEB 1871
KEPPEL, Frederick17281777
KEPPEL, Frederick12 NOV 176212 APR 1830
KEPPEL, Frederick19 JAN 1727/2827 DEC 1777
KEPPEL, George14 OCT 186522 NOV 1947
KEPPEL, George17241772
KEPPEL, George Thomas13 JUN 179921 FEB 1891
KEPPEL, JosinaWFT Est 1792-1815WFT Est 1837-1903
KEPPEL, JosinaWFT Est 1792-1815WFT Est 1837-1903
KEPPEL, Living
KEPPEL, Lt. Col. George14 Oct 186522 Nov 1947
KEPPEL, Mary Elizabeth17321740
KEPPEL, Sonia Rosemary24 MAY 190016 AUG 1986
KEPPEL, Sonia Rosemary24 May 190016 Aug 1986
KEPPEL, William17271782
KEPPEL, William AnneJUN 170222 DEC 1754
KEPPEL, William Anne17021754
KEPPEL, William Arnold Walpole7 OCT 180426 NOV 1888
KEPPEL, William Charles of Albemarle14 MAY 177230 OCT 1849
KEPPEL, William Coutts15 APR 183228 AUG 1894
KEPPEL, William Henry Augustus6 AUG 184531 OCT 1889
KEPPEL, William of Albemarle Earl17241772
KEPPEL, William of_Albemarle17241772

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