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70 Individuals with the KEDDY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KEDDY, Albert Cornelius4 May 1865died young
KEDDY, Ann29 Nov 1842
KEDDY, Bonnie Louise1964
KEDDY, Catherine21 Nov 18471935
KEDDY, Catherine23 Mar 185421 Mar 1944
KEDDY, Catherine
KEDDY, David31 Oct 1854
KEDDY, Dempson Owen21 APR 188626 SEP 1976
KEDDY, Dennis Moyle8 Jul 18974 Feb 1969
KEDDY, Dorothy Mae7 May 1913Jun 1989
KEDDY, Edward
KEDDY, Ella FlorenceAbt 189331 Mar 1898
KEDDY, Emerson Allan3 Sep 189524 Oct 1975
KEDDY, George5 Mar 183721 Nov 1839
KEDDY, George Benjamin15 Mar 1815
KEDDY, Hannah Linda16 Nov 1858/18594 Apr 1946
KEDDY, Harold Owen1933
KEDDY, Henry Allen14 JUL 185518 APR 1937
KEDDY, Henry Benjamin5 Mar 1860
KEDDY, Henry Frederick29 OCT 18081896
KEDDY, Henry Willard1927
KEDDY, Hilda M.188920 Jul 1983
KEDDY, Hilda Pearl4 Jan 19028 Jul 1991
KEDDY, James29 Oct 1822
KEDDY, James28 Aug 18392 Jun 1915
KEDDY, James Frederick6 Jun 1847Drowned
KEDDY, James Harold23 Sep 189519 Jul 1963
KEDDY, James William4 Dec 1864
KEDDY, Jane1852
KEDDY, Janice Adatha1939
KEDDY, Joanna5 Jul 1871
KEDDY, John Alexander14 SEP 17705 FEB 1845
KEDDY, John Henry
KEDDY, Joseph Edward16 Dec 1868
KEDDY, Joseph William20 Oct 1824
KEDDY, Josias19 Oct 1850
KEDDY, Kay Fay
KEDDY, Letty Ellen1968
KEDDY, Living
KEDDY, Living
KEDDY, Living
KEDDY, Louisa Mary Ann3 Jun 1857
KEDDY, Lovenia Dean20 APR 189023 APR 1968
KEDDY, Margaret22 Nov 1845
KEDDY, Margaret Elizabeth1920May 1938
KEDDY, Margaret L.9 Dec 193821 May 1954
KEDDY, Marshall Currie23 Apr 192414 Feb 1986
KEDDY, Marvin James1965
KEDDY, Mary Ann11 Jun 1845
KEDDY, Mary Ann Jane19 Dec 1849
KEDDY, Mary Catherine
KEDDY, Matthew Harold7 Mar 185311 Sep 1942
KEDDY, Matthias25 Dec 17848 Jun 1856
KEDDY, Michael Owen1963
KEDDY, Myrtle LouiseAbt 19202 Mar 1924
KEDDY, Nathan7 Aug 184314 Feb 1848
KEDDY, Nathan6 Sep 1852
KEDDY, Nathan Samuel188627 Apr 1975
KEDDY, Otto Roy8 Jul 189819 Nov 1953
KEDDY, Percy Alexander14 Aug 18904 Dec 1944
KEDDY, Rebecca26 Apr 1860
KEDDY, Reuben Harris14 Sep 189223 Jun 1924
KEDDY, Sarah Ann3 Jul 18571941
KEDDY, Sarah Anne5 Nov 1847
KEDDY, Sarah Caroline1863
KEDDY, Sophia18 Mar 18421937
KEDDY, Sophia21 Mar 1876
KEDDY, Stephen Richard15 Sep 184914 Dec 1932
KEDDY, Susan May22 FEB 18885 MAR 1966
KEDDY, William George31 Aug 185729 Dec 1941

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