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241 Individuals with the KARL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KARL, Adam Patrick13 OCT 1980
KARL, Agnes Saddie19 JAN 1909
KARL, Aimee Lee15 AUG 1982
KARL, Albert
KARL, Albert Anton30 JUN 189621 AUG 1916
KARL, Alfred Stephen3 AUG 189727 AUG 1972
KARL, Andreas19 NOV 18615 APR 1941
KARL, Andrew Brendon2 DEC 1973
KARL, Andrew Kevin21 MAY 19547 MAR 1994
KARL, Andrew Simon3 FEB 1965
KARL, Ann Neldaleen16 MAR 1956
KARL, Anna10 SEP 18646 MAY 1932
KARL, Anna Louise10 DEC 1973
KARL, Anna Louise11 FEB 1965
KARL, Anne Maree27 OCT 1964
KARL, Anne Marie4 APR 1960
KARL, Annie9 MAY 188414 SEP 1967
KARL, Annie18959 OCT 1950
KARL, Anthony Daniel15 JUL 1982
KARL, Anthony John3 DEC 195212 JAN 1980
KARL, Anthony Paul21 DEC 1968
KARL, Anthony Simon11 OCT 1989
KARL, Ashleigh18 MAY 1986
KARL, Barbara Mary17 MAR 1959
KARL, Barry Michael29 JUL 1949
KARL, Barry Russell1956
KARL, Benedict Nicholas Joseph
KARL, Bernard Francis19 FEB 1933
KARL, Bernardine
KARL, Berndard John1944
KARL, Beverley Jean15 AUG 1966
KARL, Branden John11 JAN 1991
KARL, Brent Gregory19 OCT 1972
KARL, Brian George1938FEB 1956
KARL, Brian Robert20 FEB 1959
KARL, Brian Vincent19 JAN 1965
KARL, Bridie4 MAR 1986
KARL, Bruce Edward1 JUL 1957
KARL, Bruce George19 JAN 1965
KARL, Camilla Florence14 DEC 190421 MAY 1992
KARL, Catherine Mary27 JAN 190018 DEC 1936
KARL, Catherine Sandra17 SEP 1967
KARL, Charles3 DEC 187926 NOV 1961
KARL, Charlotte Mary Elizabeth15 AUG 189924 NOV 1974
KARL, Chris Vincent1969
KARL, Christina Stephanie5 OCT 1972
KARL, Christine Mary24 JUN 1955
KARL, Christopher John15 APR 19599 JAN 1987
KARL, Clare Mary31 MAY 1963
KARL, Clarence
KARL, Colleen Anne Myra5 OCT 1951
KARL, Colleen Bernadette29 JUN 1960
KARL, Darryl Patrick19 JUL 1967
KARL, David Andrew17 JUL 1970
KARL, David Hamilton3 JAN 1938
KARL, David John21 JUN 1980
KARL, David Laurence Andrew8 AUG 1931
KARL, David Michael18 MAR 1977
KARL, Debbie Lynn10 AUG 1971
KARL, Deborah Kathleen1957
KARL, Dennis Robert29 SEP 1971
KARL, Donna Marree18 NOV 1964
KARL, Doris June
KARL, Dorothy Edna16 OCT 191020 AUG 1993
KARL, Dorothy Ellen26 JUN 1898OCT 1977
KARL, Edna May5 DEC 1911
KARL, Edward James19 FEB 1935
KARL, Edward James Bruce23 AUG 1966
KARL, Edward John14 DEC 190429 SEP 1981
KARL, Edward Joseph14 MAR 190527 MAY 1980
KARL, Edward Patrick17 MAR 18631 JUL 1945
KARL, Elizabeth?
KARL, Elizabeth Anne15 JAN 190223 OCT 1962
KARL, Elizabeth Sarah9 NOV 1981
KARL, Emily28 APR 188611 JAN 1887
KARL, Emily20 JUN 18931 OCT 1978
KARL, Emily Sister Francis Mary
KARL, Emma Marilyn6 SEP 1979
KARL, Eric EdwardNOV 18941939
KARL, Florence
KARL, Florence Catherine16 FEB 187728 MAY 1897
KARL, Florence Dorothy Mary1923
KARL, Frances Anne16 FEB 1963
KARL, Frances Mary Sister Paulinus1930
KARL, Francis Charles30 DEC 1949
KARL, Francis Franz Joseph31 MAY 1951
KARL, Frank Richard17 OCT 1948
KARL, Frank Vincent29 JUL 189416 MAY 1980
KARL, Frederick Andrew28 NOV 1925
KARL, Gareth David5 SEP 1980
KARL, Gavin Francis14 APR 1966
KARL, Gavin Peter15 JAN 1962
KARL, Gaylene Marie2 APR 1969
KARL, Genevieve Marie26 APR 1917
KARL, Genevieve Moya25 JAN 1971
KARL, Geoffrey Brien27 FEB 1957
KARL, George Alfred11 APR 19323 NOV 1990
KARL, Gerrard Anthony24 JUL 1962
KARL, Gertrude15 MAY 1898OCT 1983
KARL, Harold Leslie12 FEB 1951
KARL, Harold Peter26 FEB 193714 NOV 2000
KARL, Hilda4 AUG 190317 AUG 1988
KARL, James Joseph20 OCT 189531 AUG 1976
KARL, Jamie Andrew21 OCT 1977
KARL, Jason Christopher1978
KARL, Jennifer Ellen16 APR 1980
KARL, Joan Marie27 APR 1936
KARL, Joanna Catherine25 NOV 1969
KARL, Johann Ernst
KARL, Johann the Baptiste2 DEC 185329 JUL 1930
KARL, John Alexander1962
KARL, JOHN Aloysius13 JUN 188831 JUL 1957
KARL, John Charles6 NOV 190430 SEP 1987
KARL, John Erland18 AUG 1956
KARL, John Vincent20 AUG 1947
KARL, Joseph
KARL, Joseph10 JUL 18785 FEB 1879
KARL, Joseph11 FEB 182514 AUG 1884
KARL, Joseph22 JAN 1855
KARL, Joseph
KARL, Joseph Andrew8 FEB 190211 JUN 1983
KARL, Joseph Patrick10 MAR 190822 SEP 1974
KARL, Joseph Peter10 DEC 1972
KARL, Judith Margaret28 AUG 1963
KARL, Julia
KARL, Julia1835
KARL, Karl Charles2 OCT 18561 OCT 1932
KARL, Kathleen Florence2 JUL 191828 NOV 1979
KARL, Kathleen Mary20 APR 1961
KARL, Kathleen Theresa1935
KARL, Kelly Marie30 NOV 1989
KARL, Kenneth Vincent8 JUL 1932
KARL, Kevin James16 OCT 1933
KARL, Leanne5 NOV 1985
KARL, Leighton18 JUL 1989
KARL, Leonard John22 JUN 192822 SEP 1999
KARL, Leone Mary16 JUL 1965
KARL, Leslie Frank12 OCT 1926
KARL, Lillian Theresa6 JUL 1963JUL 1963
KARL, Linda5 NOV 1963
KARL, Lisa Marie16 SEP 1983
KARL, Living
KARL, Lois Ann16 OCT 1950
KARL, Louis John V incent31 OCT 1991
KARL, Louise Cordes
KARL, Lynda Jane15 FEB 1968
KARL, Malcolm Andrew9 MAY 1962
KARL, Margaret4 JUN 186019 SEP 1956
KARL, Margaret Anna18 OCT 1909MAY 1977
KARL, Margaret Ellen29 NOV 1941
KARL, Maria3 APR 18587 OCT 1858
KARL, Maria10 JAN 186111 JAN 1861
KARL, Marianne Louise2 JAN 1966
KARL, Marie Bernadette6 MAY 1945
KARL, Marlene
KARL, Martin
KARL, Martin Thomas27 NOV 1962
KARL, Mary5 FEB 190221 MAY 1965
KARL, Mary Alma16 OCT 1924
KARL, Mary Ellen20 JUN 1945
KARL, Mary Jessie22 JUL 189329 DEC 1971
KARL, Mary Margaretha Molly21 OCT 1902
KARL, Mary Patricia16 MAR 1964
KARL, Matthew Lee22 JUN 1973
KARL, Matthew Stephen5 JUL 1940
KARL, Maureen Margaret Sister de Sales1932
KARL, Melissa Jane24 APR 1984
KARL, Merle
KARL, Michael Francis2 SEP 1967
KARL, Michael George16 MAR 1966
KARL, Michael John4 NOV 1953
KARL, Michael Leo7 DEC 1953
KARL, Michelle Helen1961
KARL, Michelle Lee
KARL, Moira Grace23 SEP 1961
KARL, Murray James22 DEC 1964
KARL, Natalie Joy1965
KARL, Nicola Sherryl14 APR 1965
KARL, Nicole26 JUN 1986
KARL, Nigel David1 JUL 1966
KARL, Nora2 DEC 188128 APR 1949
KARL, Norma Grace29 JUL 1930
KARL, Nyk19641964
KARL, Olivia Mary19 SEP 1984
KARL, Patricia Anne1942
KARL, Patricia Margaret7 FEB 1964
KARL, Patrick Anthony30 SEP 1937
KARL, Paul Dutton6 MAY 1948
KARL, Paul Joseph27 JUL 1964
KARL, Pauline Lynette25 MAY 1952
KARL, Peter Bernard22 SEP 1964
KARL, Peter Gary14 MAR 1962
KARL, Peter James15 JUL 1957
KARL, Peter Joseph20 OCT 1946
KARL, Philip James17 NOV 1966
KARL, Phoebe Davis11 APR 190217 SEP 1946
KARL, Raewyn Margaret24 AUG 1960
KARL, Raymond Arthur Graham14 MAY 1939
KARL, Rhonda Sheryl17 DEC 1978
KARL, Richard
KARL, Roger Andrew Leo8 APR 1959
KARL, Roger Lloyd8 MAR 1968
KARL, Ronald Edward20 MAY 193015 MAR 1993
KARL, Ross26 MAR 1982
KARL, Ruby21 MAR 190215 MAY 1970
KARL, Russell John20 MAR 1933
KARL, Samantha Peal4 APR 1989
KARL, Sara Michelle28 MAY 1986
KARL, Sarah Jane13 NOV 1969
KARL, Shane Michael27 APR 1977
KARL, SharonPrivate
KARL, Simon James
KARL, Simon James13 MAR 1979
KARL, Sonya Kay1961
KARL, Stephen Francis28 AUG 1975
KARL, Stephen Gary1 AUG 1974
KARL, Stephen James15 NOV 1957
KARL, Susan Elizabeth14 FEB 1978
KARL, Susan Lesley30 AUG 1966
KARL, Susannah
KARL, Sylvester
KARL, Teresa Mary19 AUG 1969
KARL, Terrance Michael13 MAY 1940
KARL, Thomas Andrew7 AUG 1930
KARL, Thomas Joseph21 DEC 188831 MAY 1973
KARL, Timothy Paul6 DEC 1960
KARL, Tracy Lee-Anne5 FEB 1970
KARL, Valerie Barbara1 JAN 1943
KARL, Vanessa Mairi1 AUG 1966
KARL, Vicki Maree20 OCT 1966
KARL, Victor James22 SEP 19248 OCT 1991
KARL, Vincent Arthur15 MAY 190730 NOV 1994
KARL, Vincent Patrick
KARL, Virgil25 MAR 1913MAY 1985
KARL, Wayne John11 SEP 1963
KARL, Wenzel Vincent6 JUL 185930 DEC 1927
KARL, William Philip15 JUN 1975
KARL, Winifred Elva16 OCT 19108 MAR 1977

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