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51 Individuals with the KAMMERS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KAMMERS, Adriana25 SEP 1972
KAMMERS, Alberto
KAMMERS, Amandio13 NOV 192112 APR 2003
KAMMERS, Apolãonia23 DEC 1922
KAMMERS, Atenor Luâizio4 JUN 1942
KAMMERS, Augustina17 JUN 1953
KAMMERS, Bernadete12 APR 1962
KAMMERS, Câelia4 JUN 1954
KAMMERS, Caspar21 MAR 18885 JUN 1965
KAMMERS, Cebaldo9 AUG 1959
KAMMERS, Cecâilia
KAMMERS, Cecâilia
KAMMERS, Cecâilia Apollãonia1 JUN 1933
KAMMERS, Elias9 MAY 1952
KAMMERS, Francisco Gaspar13 SEP 1910
KAMMERS, Gabriel13 AUG 1979
KAMMERS, Gaudãencio
KAMMERS, Gregâorio22 JUL 1909
KAMMERS, Hugolino5 AUG 192818 AUG 1928
KAMMERS, Ida25 FEB 1926
KAMMERS, Idnei18 DEC 1973
KAMMERS, Jâulio189115 SEP 1973
KAMMERS, Joäao Luiz4 MAY 1956
KAMMERS, Josâe Jâulio16 OCT 191317 JAN 2004
KAMMERS, Josâe Plâacido3 FEB 1944
KAMMERS, Katherine21 APR 189812 OCT 1947
KAMMERS, Kiliano Gaspar
KAMMERS, Leo15 DEC 1930
KAMMERS, Leonilda26 DEC 1947
KAMMERS, Lino Gaspar
KAMMERS, Luiza Maria9 JUN 1942
KAMMERS, Luzia15 MAY 1951
KAMMERS, Maria21 JUN 1908
KAMMERS, Maria20 APR 1941
KAMMERS, Maria21 APR 192311 JUN 1996
KAMMERS, Nelson15 MAY 1945
KAMMERS, Nestor22 FEB 1944
KAMMERS, Nilto Rogâerio
KAMMERS, Osvaldo
KAMMERS, Pedro14 JAN 188516 JAN 1964
KAMMERS, Pedro5 APR 189112 FEB 1927
KAMMERS, Pedro Jâulio
KAMMERS, Saulo20 JUL 1949
KAMMERS, Sebastiäao Gaspar27 OCT 1927
KAMMERS, Silvestre
KAMMERS, Valdemira20 FEB 1939
KAMMERS, Vilma1 AUG 1946
KAMMERS, Zilda Margarida6 NOV 1957
KAMMERS, Zilma11 MAR 1940

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