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46 Individuals with the KAMBEITZ Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KAMBEITZ, Andrew13 OCT 191215 FEB 1967
KAMBEITZ, Anna Mary25 SEP 1946
KAMBEITZ, Barbara2 JAN 1920
KAMBEITZ, Barbara29 MAR 1950
KAMBEITZ, Bernetta15 JUL 1938
KAMBEITZ, Betty23 JUN 1948
KAMBEITZ, Cassandra Jo11 JUN 1991
KAMBEITZ, Chad15 JUL 1977
KAMBEITZ, Christopher George23 JUN 1975
KAMBEITZ, Cindy28 AUG 1957
KAMBEITZ, Delores5 DEC 1937
KAMBEITZ, George19 JUL 191121 MAR 1970
KAMBEITZ, Joe30 NOV 1962
KAMBEITZ, John27 JUN 1916
KAMBEITZ, John17 SEP 1948
KAMBEITZ, Ken30 OCT 1951
KAMBEITZ, Kent Paul4 OCT 1963
KAMBEITZ, Kim Renee7 JUL 1966
KAMBEITZ, Kipp13 NOV 1980
KAMBEITZ, Larry30 JUL 1940
KAMBEITZ, Leona13 SEP 1936
KAMBEITZ, Lucia28 JAN 1954
KAMBEITZ, Magdalene16 JUL 1921
KAMBEITZ, Margaret17 JUL 1917
KAMBEITZ, Margaret7 MAR 19459 MAR 1945
KAMBEITZ, Mark16 JUL 1959
KAMBEITZ, Mark10 NOV 1953
KAMBEITZ, Mary1 JUN 1909
KAMBEITZ, Mary Ann28 SEP 1942
KAMBEITZ, Mary Helen27 NOV 1943
KAMBEITZ, Mary Jo15 OCT 1946
KAMBEITZ, Paul28 JAN 188111 FEB 1962
KAMBEITZ, Paul25 DEC 191811 MAR 1919
KAMBEITZ, Philip6 DEC 1946
KAMBEITZ, Roger29 AUG 1948
KAMBEITZ, Sandy14 SEP 1955
KAMBEITZ, Stacey Lynn21 MAY 1971
KAMBEITZ, Theresia27 AUG 19079 MAY 1993
KAMBEITZ, Thomas15 AUG 1941
KAMBEITZ, Wendell25 APR 191421 NOV 1993

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