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21 Individuals with the KALB Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KALB, Alice1911
KALB, Alice Ocea12 JUN 18581 JUL 1946
KALB, Anna Grace22 APR 1924
KALB, Charles J.30 JUN 1866AFT 1930
KALB, Emory23 MAR 1862
KALB, Gerina
KALB, Homer4 APR 18592 MAR 1863
KALB, James Montomery1835
KALB, James T.12 FEB 191912 AUG 1990
KALB, John S
KALB, John S
KALB, Lucretia18 Oct 1881
KALB, Lucretia18 Oct 1881
KALB, Marietta B3 Feb 1885
KALB, Marietta B3 Feb 1885
KALB, Montgomery W.11 FEB 1857
KALB, Montomery
KALB, Ralph12 JUN 1914JUN 1985
KALB, Ralph TennentJUL 1889
KALB, Richard M.SEP 1897
KALB, Unknown

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