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15 Individuals with the JANEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JANEL, Agathe9 AUG 1781
JANEL, Alexis5 JUL 179331 JUL 1793
JANEL, Antoine19 AUG 177828 AUG 1778
JANEL, Desanges15 AUG 1783
JANEL, Felicite3 FEB 1788
JANEL, Francois
JANEL, Francois14 MAR 1772
JANEL, Francois
JANEL, Marguerite-Catherine4 JUN 179124 AUG 1792
JANEL, Marie-Francoise30 MAY 1776
JANEL, Marie-Jeanne28 MAY 179627 AUG 1796
JANEL, Marie-Josephe2 OCT 17853 AUG 1786
JANEL, Marie-Louise19 AUG 177830 AUG 1778
JANEL, Marie-Reine22 OCT 1773
JANEL, Pierre20 MAR 1780

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