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35 Individuals with the JAGHER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JAGHER, (Anna) Maria
JAGHER, Andrea Anna
JAGHER, Anonyme27 SEP 188627 SEP 1886
JAGHER, Anonyme26 AUG 188726 AUG 1887
JAGHER, Antonia Maria11 JAN 19011958?
JAGHER, CattarinaJUL 188231 AUG 1882
JAGHER, Catterina2 JUL 18831884
JAGHER, Cristina16741700
JAGHER, Elisabetta25 NOV 187913 MAR 1926
JAGHER, Elisabetta Paolina24 FEB 18935 JUL 1980
JAGHER, Felice
JAGHER, Francesco
JAGHER, GBatta7 JAN 18816 JUN 1889
JAGHER, Giacomo26 MAR 1855
JAGHER, Giacomo Agostino27 AUG 1856
JAGHER, Giovanni29 JUL 18778 AUG 1878
JAGHER, Giovanni26 DEC 1889
JAGHER, Giovanni
JAGHER, Giovanni Battista27 AUG 189529 JUL 1908
JAGHER, Giovanni Pietro14 OCT 187828 OCT 1878
JAGHER, Guliana
JAGHER, Lorenzo Francesco2 DEC 1861
JAGHER, Maddalena Francesca11 OCT 18977 APR 1966
JAGHER, Maria Caterina
JAGHER, Maria Guliana20 SEP 1864
JAGHER, Maria Maddalena24 NOV 18671867
JAGHER, Maria Maddalena3 FEB 18941894
JAGHER, Pietro
JAGHER, Pietro
JAGHER, Vittore18 AUG 188418 AUG 1884
JAGHER, Zaccaria1 FEB 1859
JAGHER, 9 DEC 18851885

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