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48 Individuals with the JAFFE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JAFFE, Aaron Marcus
JAFFE, Abraham Marcus
JAFFE, Adeline7 Mar 1879
JAFFE, Alfred
JAFFE, Bendit Marcus1772
JAFFE, Betty18051886
JAFFE, Brian AApr 1969
JAFFE, Caroline1907
JAFFE, Charles Sampson14 May 18691920
JAFFE, Daniel2 Nov 18761921
JAFFE, Daniel Joseph19 Aug 180921 Jan 1874
JAFFE, Dorothen1874
JAFFE, Edith Sarah18 Oct 1867
JAFFE, Egbert Joseph26 Oct 18664 Sep 1870
JAFFE, Eileen Franklyn15 Feb 1974
JAFFE, Eliezer
JAFFE, Eliezer1812Abt 1870
JAFFE, Fanny(Frommit)
JAFFE, Golda1802
JAFFE, Harriet3 Sep 1872
JAFFE, Helen9 Nov 1875
JAFFE, Hilary AOct 1976
JAFFE, Isaac
JAFFE, Isaac18061890
JAFFE, Jacob
JAFFE, Jane18581907
JAFFE, Jesalu Marcus
JAFFE, John Joseph18431933
JAFFE, Josef Marcus17651841
JAFFE, Julius1796
JAFFE, Leslie
JAFFE, Lesser
JAFFE, Living
JAFFE, Malena1798
JAFFE, Malvine
JAFFE, Martha1804
JAFFE, Martin184026 Mar 1914
JAFFE, Michael
JAFFE, Mordeci MarcusAbt 17401813
JAFFE, Otto13 Aug 184630 Aug 1929
JAFFE, Pauline1896
JAFFE, Reschel
JAFFE, Rose25 Aug 1870
JAFFE, Ruth K.1871
JAFFE, Selig18021884
JAFFE, Walter13 Dec 1880
JAFFE, 27 Aug 1870

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