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127 Individuals with the IVIE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
IVIE, (?)ABT. 1809
IVIE, (?)1813
IVIE, (?)ABT. 1816
IVIE, (?)1822
IVIE, (?)
IVIE, Alma Firl25 APR 191425 APR 1914
IVIE, Alme Dean7 Jun 1931May 1980
IVIE, Benjamin Martin15 SEP 18464 MAR 1926
IVIE, Benjamin Martin31 JAN 1871
IVIE, Betty1929
IVIE, Betty JeanPrivate
IVIE, Brandi Lea13 JUL 1977
IVIE, Calvert Milton7 APR 18698 APR 1951
IVIE, Calvert WaynePrivate
IVIE, Carol Delores15 MAY 1947
IVIE, Charles Albert
IVIE, David Anderson178625 DEC 1882
IVIE, David Anderson178625 DEC 1882
IVIE, Dena Alice21 NOV 1875
IVIE, Donna RuthPrivate
IVIE, Dwayne CurtisPrivate
IVIE, Edna Joyzelle18 Mar 1928
IVIE, Eliza18561856
IVIE, Eliza
IVIE, Eliza Maria
IVIE, Eliza Marie29 MAR 18413 MAY 1920
IVIE, Elizabeth27 Feb 180722 Mar 1870
IVIE, Elizabeth Ann26 NOV 18584 JAN 1927
IVIE, Elizabeth Caroline1 NOV 183728 JUL 1901
IVIE, Elizbeth27 FEB 180722 MAR 1870
IVIE, ElvadaPrivate
IVIE, Faun5 FEB 1922
IVIE, Golden Levoy10 AUG 190913 AUG 1968
IVIE, Heber Kimball19 NOV 18527 FEB 1920
IVIE, Hughie Arnold13 Jun 19049 Nov 1980
IVIE, Hughie Arthur26 Mar 192416 Feb 1990
IVIE, Hyrum Lewis25 FEB 184924 JUL 1927
IVIE, Isaac3 MAY 18184 APR 1883
IVIE, Isaac3 May 18184 Apr 1883
IVIE, Isaac Thomas24 MAY 184426 JAN 1906
IVIE, Jackson Alexander2 JUN 2004
IVIE, James Alexander17 MAR 183015 MAR 1906
IVIE, James OranPrivate
IVIE, James Russell30 DEC 180210 JUN 1866
IVIE, James Russell30 DEC 180210 JUN 1866
IVIE, James Russell30 Dec 180210 Jun 1866
IVIE, James Thomas27 DEC 185011 JAN 1944
IVIE, Jane AnnPrivate
IVIE, Jean Oneal6 JAN 192713 MAR 1930
IVIE, Joe24 JUN 190117 JUN 1990
IVIE, Joe24 JUN 190117 JUN 1990
IVIE, John Alvin8 SEP 18546 NOV 1928
IVIE, John Anderson
IVIE, John Anderson180525 DEC 1882
IVIE, John AndersonAbt 1775
IVIE, John Anderson180525 Dec 1882
IVIE, John Lehi11 JUN 183310 MAR 1909
IVIE, John Lehi11 JUN 183310 MAR 1909
IVIE, Joseph Orson1 JAN 18401851
IVIE, Joseph Richard2 DEC 18537 JAN 1878
IVIE, Kieth RusellPrivate
IVIE, LavernPrivate
IVIE, LeonaPrivate
IVIE, Leona8 SEP 1914
IVIE, Lillie Belle13 OCT 18651 MAY 1929
IVIE, Living
IVIE, Living
IVIE, Living
IVIE, Louisa Marie20 FEB 184910 JAN 1936
IVIE, Malinda
IVIE, Malinda
IVIE, Martha AdalineABT. 1853
IVIE, Martin1826
IVIE, Martin or JosephAbt 1816
IVIE, Mary Betsy29 MAR 184129 MAR 1842
IVIE, Mary J.Abt 1852
IVIE, Millicent15 NOV 1826UNKNOWN
IVIE, Milton DalePrivate
IVIE, Milton Oran (Orrin)9 SEP 189322 MAR 1935
IVIE, Miriam Monetta17 Oct 186918 Nov 1947
IVIE, Nida FernPrivate
IVIE, Otto VerlinPrivate
IVIE, Pamela Kathy6 JUL 1957
IVIE, Perry Floyd
IVIE, PeterAUG 1887
IVIE, Polly Ann7 APR 180115 DEC 1887
IVIE, Polly Ann24 AUG 18351 JAN 1896
IVIE, Polly Ann7 Apr 180115 Dec 1887
IVIE, Quinton ByronPrivate
IVIE, Raymond16 DEC 189720 OCT 1948
IVIE, Richard Anderson18 FEB 182522 NOV 1892
IVIE, Richard PetersonPrivate
IVIE, Ricky Dale15 AUG 1975
IVIE, Robert Jackson6 NOV 1980
IVIE, Roberta JeanPrivate
IVIE, Rodney DalePrivate
IVIE, Roxie BirdellaPrivate
IVIE, Sarah1804
IVIE, Sarah23 APR 182921 JUN 1890
IVIE, SarahAbt 1822
IVIE, Sarah JaneWFT Est 1823-1847WFT Est 1865-1936
IVIE, Sarah JaneJUN 18641865
IVIE, Shirley11 May 192513 Jul 1991
IVIE, Stephen Jackson2 SEP 1954
IVIE, Susan KayPrivate
IVIE, Thomas17791866
IVIE, Thomas17791866
IVIE, Thomas Celton25 AUG 1820ABT. 1864
IVIE, Thomas Celton (Kelton)25 Aug 18201864
IVIE, Tressa LucillePrivate
IVIE, Verlin Berona14 JAN 19239 APR 1931
IVIE, Vernell (Verne)27 MAY 190523 SEP 1968
IVIE, Virgil June6 JUN 19127 DEC 1949
IVIE, Virgil OranPrivate
IVIE, Waine OttoPrivate
IVIE, Wilford Byron6 OCT 18958 APR 1951
IVIE, Wilford ThorPrivate
IVIE, William Franklin18 SEP 18274 MAY 1880
IVIE, William Franklin18 Dec 18264 May 1880
IVIE, William George
IVIE, William H.
IVIE, William H.16 OCT 1879
IVIE, William Moffett16 MAY 1979
IVIE, William Shelton16 NOV 181130 AUG 1858
IVIE, William Shelton16 Nov 181130 Aug 1858

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