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43 Individuals with the ISLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ISLEY, Alexander Max16 Nov 1961
ISLEY, Alice Mitchell
ISLEY, Catherine
ISLEY, Charles
ISLEY, Cleo Patra19031966
ISLEY, Cora Albertine
ISLEY, Donna Lynne15 AUG 1971
ISLEY, Donnie Alma
ISLEY, Duncan Walter31 Aug 1969
ISLEY, Edna1931
ISLEY, Edward Lee11 JUN 187120 NOV 1931
ISLEY, Elizabeth Pauline
ISLEY, Elsie Lillian8 SEP 187922 DEC 1913
ISLEY, Ernest Wilford25 NOV 18826 MAR 1947
ISLEY, Florence Martha
ISLEY, Geoffrey1920
ISLEY, George
ISLEY, George
ISLEY, George Washington15 MAR 183913 JUN 1922
ISLEY, Gurnie Wick18 OCT 187616 NOV 1878
ISLEY, Jeffrey Allen2 NOV 1968
ISLEY, Jerry Edwin30 JAN 1941
ISLEY, John Henry10 AUG 186915 AUG 1896
ISLEY, John Joseph
ISLEY, John Joseph
ISLEY, John R.1852
ISLEY, Mabel Gracie20 AUG 1888
ISLEY, Malcomb Ward1 Sep 1963
ISLEY, Mark Justice
ISLEY, Mark Justice
ISLEY, MaxJun 1929
ISLEY, Nadean
ISLEY, Nathan Charles31 Mar 1965
ISLEY, Orren Eugene1 APR 18843 OCT 1899
ISLEY, Richard StanleyPrivate
ISLEY, Roxie Elizabeth11 MAR 18907 MAY 1979
ISLEY, Sarah
ISLEY, Sarah JaneAbt 1830
ISLEY, Steven Louis
ISLEY, Walter Branson19 FEB 187330 MAY 1911
ISLEY, William18781951
ISLEY, Winnie Delilah17 AUG 18745 JUN 1930

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