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75 Individuals with the INKLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
INKLEY, Alice PABT 1859
INKLEY, Alice Parkinson30 Jul 1815
INKLEY, Ann1788
INKLEY, Ann1823
INKLEY, Ann Jane1840
INKLEY, Ann or Anne27 Jun 184910 May 1851
INKLEY, Barnes Parkinson13 Aug 1822
INKLEY, Benjamon MABT 1861
INKLEY, Betsey6 Apr 186018 Feb
INKLEY, Brigham Barnes25 Dec 185727 Sep
INKLEY, Clison PABT 1857
INKLEY, Clison Parkinson12 Mar 1820
INKLEY, Clison Parkinson
INKLEY, David Barnes31 Mar 185418 Jun 1866
INKLEY, Dennis MorlandABT 1850
INKLEY, Edward1753
INKLEY, Edward11 Mar 178114 Jan 1844
INKLEY, Edward14 Nov 1830
INKLEY, Edwin11 Mar 184826 Mar 1848
INKLEY, Edwin Barnes5 Jun 185013 Mar 1928
INKLEY, Eliza25 Jan 18402 Sep 1927
INKLEY, Eliza1868
INKLEY, Elizabeth13 May 1785
INKLEY, Elizabeth17 Nov 1816BEF 1820
INKLEY, Elizabeth1 Oct 1820
INKLEY, Elizabeth Ann10 Jul 18635 Jul 1934
INKLEY, Florence
INKLEY, Georgiana31 Jul 184523 Mar 1892
INKLEY, Henry11 Mar 18386 Mar 1912
INKLEY, HephzibabABT 1839
INKLEY, Hester MABT 1855
INKLEY, Isaac29 Feb 1796ABT 1828
INKLEY, Isaac3 Aug 1828
INKLEY, Jane Barton6 Aug 1826
INKLEY, John14 Jul 1786
INKLEY, JohnABT 1831
INKLEY, John EdwardABT 1844
INKLEY, John Thomas22 Sep 184224 Sep 1842
INKLEY, John Thomas1 Nov 1843Jun 1844
INKLEY, Joseph17 Dec 1830Aug 1833
INKLEY, Joseph23 Jun 183422 May 1908
INKLEY, Joseph180229 Jan 1862
INKLEY, Joseph Barnes16 Jun 185615 Jan 1880
INKLEY, Joseph Henry1870
INKLEY, Lotte TaylorABT 1860
INKLEY, Louis MarlandABT 1846
INKLEY, Mary3 Jun 1798
INKLEY, Mary10 Jan 1814
INKLEY, Mary Ann1865
INKLEY, Mary AnnABT 1847
INKLEY, Mary Elizabeth or Eliza5 Sep 18419 Mar 1842
INKLEY, Mary Rebecca25 Feb 186630 Mar 1936
INKLEY, PhebeABT 1832
INKLEY, RhodaABT 1826
INKLEY, Robert1793ABT 1819
INKLEY, Robert19 Mar 1820
INKLEY, Robert15 Mar 1835
INKLEY, Sarah11 May 1800
INKLEY, Sarah1865
INKLEY, Sarah1 Feb 1819
INKLEY, Sarah Ann14 Sep 183321 May 1922
INKLEY, Sarah HallABT 1849
INKLEY, Sarah Parkinson28 Jan 1818
INKLEY, Thomas31 Jul 1791
INKLEY, Thomas Barnes8 Jun 184712 Apr 1925
INKLEY, Timothy20 Apr 183610 Feb 1902
INKLEY, William31 Oct 182914 Jun 1894
INKLEY, William1783
INKLEY, William1784
INKLEY, William14 Apr 17896 Feb 1827
INKLEY, WilliamMay 1960
INKLEY, William28 Jul 182215 Nov 1888
INKLEY, William15 Nov 1842Mar 1843
INKLEY, William Barnes16 Oct 18441917

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